This guy just got banned for posting in the upgrade section, looks at first glance like a spam post -

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POP! Culture Connection, A vintage modern culture shop will be auctioning off the massive collection of Robert Fisher "BOB A". It was once considered the 2nd largest in the country. I will be posting pics but am new at these forums. Like us on Facebook for updates.
But it appears it could well be true, here is the facebook page - POP!Culture connection facebook

And here are pictures of what could well be Boba Fisher's collection - Auction pictures

A little bit sad to see it all being sold off and broken up but it's amazing to see just how much he had and perhaps people who were inspired by his collection or remember him from years back as a prominent collector will get the chance to own a piece of his collection.

MODS- would it be an idea to unban the user PCC? I know full on promoting sales is not on but perhaps if they were on the forum and instructed of the rules they could instead answer questions etc if anyone had any about the collection or the reasons behind its sale? Just a thought as it is probably of some interest to the Vintage crowd a bit more than most.

**Edit** Some links over the years that might be useful for those who haven't heard of Mr Fisher.

POTF Coin Frame - SWCA

Ewoks & Droids Coin Frame - SWCA

Youtube Video- Collection of Bob "Boba" Fisher