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Thread: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Thanks for taking some pictures Bill! Looks like you guys had a nice time and some of Boba's collection went to some good homes.
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Thanks for the link, Bill, some really cool stuff. What I like to know is what the hell kind of cheeseburger was that?
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    It's a new one from Smokey Bones. Neither of the guys were able to finish.
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Quote Originally Posted by BillCable
    was most surprised by the money the modern lots pulled in. The dealers there really stocked up.
    Thanks for the pictures Bill!

    I imagine the dealers would get some extra mileage being able to say the items came from the famous collection.

    Btw... if anyone loves big burgers.. you gotta try Mrs. Richie's K2 Mountain Burger if you're ever coming to BC. Their burger's are 'disgustingly' good. I sitck to the smaller burgers though. No way my family could even finish one of the bigger ones.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    that mountain burgers huge

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Smokey Bones is still in business? Both that I had been to went out of business. I really like their food.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    I agree Bill, I was also surprised how well the modern went. Gives me hope when I get ready to unload my stuff!

    The vintage sold pretty well too, from the other end as most went for good deals. And I'm very happy to FINALLY have a carded Yak Face. Now just one left...
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    I'm so glad I decided to hop on a plane and take part in such a historic event. Boba was one of the last of the old-school collectors that still had a collection. His contemporaries like Ray Rutyna, Walt Steuben, Steve Denny, and Mitch Mitchell sold out years ago. I think Steve Sansweet is the only one left that I know of in that similar age bracket. Duncan Jenkins has a collection like you wouldn't believe, but since he's from my generation I never equate it to the other guys and I should because it dates back as far.

    I thought Bob's personal photos and correspondence were uniquely interesting and won several nice piece including his handwritten inventory book. Bob was quite meticulous and definitely OCD because the detail and presentation in there is astonishing.

    It was great seeing old friends as well as meeting new faces. Lots of vintage scummers there as well representing PA, Ohio, and DC just to name a few clubs.

    I think we all ended up with cool stuff we didn't expect to see and everyone seemed to be having a great time during the entire two days. Everything was literally sold out by the time it was over and while it was mostly modern product (by volume) there was still quite a bit of vintage memorabilia to check out. A collection of that caliber grows over decades and it's always interesting to see what trinkets are hidden in the boxes and various lots.

    I loved how informal and laid back the auction was and there were definitely some good deals on things. Modern items sold briskly and for decent money which was indeed shocking. It was also incredibly boring to have to sit through so much ceramic, Galactic Heroes, and Target exclusives though (to name a few).

    We all had a fantastic time for sure!

    Congrats Troy on getting that Yak for your collection and thanks again for hooking me up!

    James, congrats on all of the great scores you made too.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Missed it but glad to here some collectors made it out there. How was the vintage selection, from the few pictures I've seen it looks to mainly be POTF2 or newer for the most part.
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    You guys look pretty happy in those pics!



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