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Thread: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?


    That's very good to hear, thanks for the insight!!
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Yeah, i echo that.

    It will be great to see the pics of the collection, & i feel the decision to auction off the collection to other collectors is a great legacy.
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    This collection looks amazing. I'm still relatively new to the forums, so I am not familiar with Bob Fisher. But based on what I can find online, he seems like he was a true asset to the hobby. I'm sorry for his family's loss, and I give them my condolences.

    Also, I think it's a true testament to him and his family that his children want to honor his legacy and get his collection to those that will truly appreciate it the way he did. I wish them all the best on the auction. If I could, I would fly out to PA just to witness it. It's a shame that there won't be any type of online access to the auction, so that people all over the world could participate. I hope it's well documented, though, so those of us that can't attend can get a glimpse into the amazing things that are being offered.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Quote Originally Posted by SABRESEDGE
    Hey all,

    The auction is legit and the guy who posted is a friend of mine. He's a newbie when it comes to forums and got really confused. LOL! There are some custom carded figs(like that POTF Fett) mixed in, but they will be CLEARLY labeled as such and not passed off as something that they clearly aren't.

    There is a LARGE amount of items and I will be heading there sometime soon to help catalog and sort through the MASSIVE collection that belonged to Bob. There's a good amount of modern items too and a large assortment of vintage oddities.

    I know some people have reservations about this, but Bob's son wanted other fellow collectors to have a chance at these items and not have them locked away where they wouldn't be enjoyed, or sold in one shot to a large online retailer. I will be taking pics of the rooms and posting them here in the Limelight section to honor Bob and show everyone just how much he loved the hobby and his passion for SW in general. I look forward to showing you guys some great pics and I hope people think about coming to PA for this historic auction.

    Thanks for the information James, I hope his collection finds itself in the hands of people who will appreciate it

    Did your friend get unbanned btw? Might be of some use to have him here and posting provided he wasn't pushing the auctions in peoples faces etc.

    Tad- I put some links in the first post just in case people weren't aware of Mr Fisher, not sure if you saw the video etc? There are a few more threads around detailing his illness and passing that I believe Jim started as he was a personal friend of his.
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    I've never met a man more passionate about Star Wars and I probably never will. His house was the most incredible display of SW I have ever seen. It was incredible to behold and it floored me every time I stepped into the basement.

    As for vintage, most of the Kenner stuff had been sold years ago but that's what made him so amazing, is the fact that he had as much passion for the figures that came out last week as he did for his uncut POTF proof sheet he had.

    He really was a tribute to our hobby and I hope his memory will live forever.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    So....did anyone go? Lets hear about it!

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Would love to see some pics, if anyone has any. I bet it was a fun time.
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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    I was asking the auction house if they were going to allow any online bids, but I got caught up with other things and completely forgot about the auction.
    I hope all of Bob's items went to good homes.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    I went to the auction on Saturday and Sunday, and it was a good time. lots of stuff and I can't do it justice, one of the guys like sabresedge could better describe it. I bought some promo posters, vintage lobby cards, trading cards. I didn't buy any vintage action figures, but I knew alot went.

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    Re: Boba Fisher Collection Auction?

    Here are some photos from the auction.

    I really enjoyed it. I didn't pick up much, but it was fun none-the-less. I was most surprised by the money the modern lots pulled in. The dealers there really stocked up.
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