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    Robbygnz Collection

    Hey guys. Here's my humble collection. Last year i started focusing on Vintage MOCs after a 3 year hiatus. All my boxed vintage stuff is in the closet and i only display my mocs, mostly because the boxed stuff doesnt have a uniform size or shape.

    A few months ago, I spent a day with my dad and built some shelves from scratch. I drew out a plan of how i wanted the shelves and had someone measure/cut/route some planks of wood. With that done, all i had to do was sand, paint, and then assemble my Star Wars wall.

    Shelving Project 10' x 9' Shelves

    Although vintage is my focus and favorite, i dabble in modern and GG from time to time. Good break to the monotony. I mixed in some GG/Koto statues to break up the sea of MOCs.

    Filled with goodness

    I love vintage MOCs. I mostly focus on US Kenner and my focus is to complete the entire 92 figure run. After i complete that, i'll just keep going with other vintage until i fill up these shelves, ~400 MOCs(3deep).


    Only Star Wars toy I still have around that I had as a child. 20 years of sun damage. Thread

    CV was my first star wars convention. Being that 3 of the 5 Bounty hunters were at CV, i picked up a copy of Kevin Graham's CV print and had Jeremy, Alan and Chris sign it. I also picked up a handful of signatures for my Star Wars poster. Hopefully, i can pick up some more art or autographs at fan days this October!

    Star Wars Posters/Art from CV

    Yes i do dabble in modern, just when i cant find any good vintage deals around. Originally i started on the path of being a completist, but i did the math and i'd have to essentially cover every square foot of my home to fit every MOC from 1977 to now. So instead, i'll just stick to figures i like and exclusives. Eventually these will find themselves on another wall as my collection continues to grow.
    Modern Collection

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    Re: Robbygnz Collection

    And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise.

    Seriously, great shelves.
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    Re: Robbygnz Collection

    Good work with the shelves, looks great. The collection is nice too of cause.

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    Re: Robbygnz Collection


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    Re: Robbygnz Collection

    Nice work on the shelves!!

    But what I really enjoy the most are the Posters!!!, and I think they look awesome!

    Great Collection!

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    Re: Robbygnz Collection

    Nice stuff. Good luck on the MOC run.
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    Re: Robbygnz Collection

    Great setup, Robby! The shelving and their contents looks great. That recovered Sandcrawler has to be one of the best "finds" I've seen in some time...truly priceless.

    thanks for sharing,

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    Re: Robbygnz Collection

    Really nice collection Robby, the MOC wall is coming on great!

    As others have mentioned- that recovered childhood Sandcrawler is superb
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