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Thread: The "Is This Real?" Please Post Opinions! Pt. 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bendu View Post
    My thoughts are that you should avoid it.
    Figured as much. In this day and age, getting Fisher with no PSA, Beckett, OPX, or any other authentication seems like a risky move.
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    Just looking for opinions on this JEJ please .
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    Hi, everyone. Here are some of my Episode 1 autographs received TTM from back in 1998 and 1999: Dominic West (Jerus Jannick), Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker), Madison Lloyd (Naboo child).

    The West autograph has no signature on the front, but on the back. Does this look good, authentic? I am about to send him a Jerus Jannick CCG card to sign, now that I have something specific to Star Wars I can send him.

    I am curious about the Jake and Madison Lloyd autographs I received. They were both still very young, and part of me wonders, more so with Madison, if someone else might have signed that for her. You can see the grammar with the Jake one - looks like a kid's writing. Is there any value in autographs signed by these actors while children? Do either sign TTM nowadays or at conventions? Any thoughts, opinions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I value your opinions there, always. It would be really interesting, considering they are both from the Lloyd kids, to have the signatures from when the movie came out (and they were children) and now, as they are both adults.

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    Dominic, first Jake and Madison all look fine. The 2nd Jake does not appear to be signed by him.
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    Is anyone familiar with Brayden Studio autographed guitars? A friend of mine is looking at one of them signed by Rush, and I thought it would be better to check here first. Thank you in advance for any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bendu View Post
    The 2nd Jake does not appear to be signed by him.
    It might just be the scan, but the contrast makes it look digital to me--like someone used the pencil tool in Microsoft Paint.

    Before you laugh, I've received one pre-print from someone I won't name that was made like that. I also got one (from another nameless person) that was made by typing the name in a cursive font over the picture.

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    Anyone familiar with Alan Silvestri's graph?

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    I am not familiar with Signorneys autograph at all so any help with authenticating this one would be really appreciated

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