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Thread: ROTJ History: Gerald Home's Creature Info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astroworks View Post
    ¡Buen viaje, Gerald! Enjoy and keep us posted!
    Thanks, Ricky. And thanks also for adding my 2 characters' cardbacks to your collection:

    Most impressive!

    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    CONVENTIONS...I have 3 to tell you about:

    Fantasticon in Mexico 2 weeks ago was, as the name suggests, fantastic! Some of you have asked to see photos and film of conventions, so here's a very good video to show you what Fantasticon was like - you'll see me in there somewhere:

    And here's my thanks and goodbye to Fantasticon - notice which of my 2 characters is most featured in the poster! The video automatically plays 3 times, so you don't need to click to repeat it:

    And here's another US appearance to tell you about, in Nashville in September! (Even as I write those words, I can't believe I'm going to Nashville. It's a life-long dream to go there, and I think I'll include a trip to Memphis too.) Here's the impressive guest list, which will grow, so keep your eyes on the site:

    In a few hours time I'm going to Vichy, France for Générations Star Wars. Here's the final guest list:

    And here's the Quarren Sith I'll be meeting this weekend in France!

    All the best.

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    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Gerald, so excited that you are coming to Nashville!

    For those of you planning on attending ICCC (September 15th for regular admission), please get in touch with me (via email, as my PM box is always full). I was born and raised here and just returned after nine years in Lexington, KY. I’ll be happy to meet up or make suggestions for dining, attractions, etc. I’ve found that RSer’s are just some of the best and coolest people, and I’m always happy to make new acquaintances or friends.
    "I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal." -Jane Austen

    WTB: SSC PF Asajj Ventress (EE)

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    That was a great pleasure to see you in Cusset (Vichy) mister.

    From the tall, big and bald man who "looks like a journalist", but is not.

    See you space cowboy...
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    "Atirizi inyui mwi hau inyouthe ukai haha"

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    ​wow!! Nice photos. Are you sure your not a journalist?

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    Hi, Gerald! So good to know you're keeping busy! Here's another picture that has surfaced from the last convention we both attended in Madrid last February


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    Quote Originally Posted by NienNunb View Post
    See you space cowboy...
    "Space cowboy"? I like that! Maybe Han Solo and I have something in common after all!

    Thanks for all your recent posts and photos. Here are 2 more photos from France last weekend:

    One of my favourite books of any kind is my chum Steve Sansweet's Star Wars Scrapbook The Essential Collection. I gave one to the charity auction in France, signed by all 4 of us guests, and I'm happy to tell you it raised 300 Euros (about £265, $360) for children's charities. Here we are with the book and the family who bought it:

    And here I am with John "Dak" Morton, wearing his Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club cap, logo designed by our very own IndyMike!

    The Nashville con in September is looking exciting, excellently organised by promoter Mike. I hope some of you hook up with Lady M so we have a big Rebelscum get-together there!

    Space Cowboy over and out!
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    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthWuicho View Post
    ​wow!! Nice photos. Are you sure your not a journalist?
    Yes i'm not!
    I think... euh...
    yeah see you.
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    "Atirizi inyui mwi hau inyouthe ukai haha"

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    Some of you have asked me about the Quarren Sith I met in France recently. I know some of you are cosplayers and I know some of you are interested in cosplay, and others are interested in technical information, so here's some stuff for all of you:

    Here I am with Jonathan in his Quarren Sith costume:

    And here we are with Jonathan holding his mask:

    I'm full of admiration for cosplayers, especially those who wear masks or helmets. I know how difficult it is to wear a mask for as little as 10 minutes, yet cosplayers wear theirs for hours at shows. I don't know how they do it. I guess it's their passion, and they love doing what they do. I reckon cosplayers add a lot to the atmosphere at events, and I love seeing them.

    Jonathan was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting him. His Quarren had a voice! And so does his Kylo Ren. Here's an interesting video of his on YouTube in which he demonstrates how his voice modifier machine works. (It's in French, but you'll understand what he's demonstrating.)

    If you're interested in seeing his other costumes, ask and I'll give you more info.

    All the best.

    Gerald Home
    Tessek-Squid Head & Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI

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    Star Wars Celebration in Chicago! Easy non stop flight from Heathrow. Would be so happy to see a Jabbas palace section at Celebration 2019. The panals would be great! I hope they contract you and the other European guests. If Lexingtons convention has a better "Return of the Jedi" guest list than Celebration 2019 that would be embarrassing.

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