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Thread: Recent Acquisitions Thread

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    Hahahaha I still read it! I meant to post a pick of my latest 2-pack but ended up posting in my limelight thread. Keep up the great work buddy! Here's my 2-pack again! K
    That is such an odd pairing of characters! Why wouldn't they put some other Jabba Palace figure in there? Oh well, miss those days.

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    Just got the neatest Han Solo off eBay from a fellow collector in Germany. Han Solo in Carbonite... with FACTORY EYEBROWS??? I never knew any were released with eyebrows. He always has that "eyes wide open and surprised" look in all the other figs of this type I've seen. Anyway, I was happy to add him to my collection and wanted to share him here.

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    Rebel soldier looks sweet. Very clean. Don’t see these turn up to much anymore.
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    I got a newbie too. I have been thinking about grading but I like being able to hold them outside the acrylic.

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    Nice trilogos! RS looks german.
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    Those tri logos are awesome!

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    nice pick ups . that rebel soldier is a beauty
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