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Thread: OT: RS Fantasy Football Thread

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    1. Let The Wookiee Win Kenneth Farrow, SD RB Added. LTWW dropped Coby Fleener, NO TE to Waivers.
    Chocolat Frostd Sugar Bombs Kenneth Farrow, SD RB Unsuccessful. Reason: Player has already been added to another team.
    2. Chocolat Frostd Sugar Bombs Bills D/ST D/ST Added. CFSB dropped Will Fuller V, Hou WR to Waivers.
    3. Let The Wookiee Win Nick Novak, Hou K Added. LTWW dropped Brandon McManus, Den K to Waivers.
    4. Chocolat Frostd Sugar Bombs Justin Forsett, Den RB Added. CFSB dropped Chris Hogan, NE WR to Waivers.
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    that is odd.
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    Yeah, that is odd, because when I looked at it last night it didn't show that unsuccessful claim. Their system must be glitching or something.

    Edit: I just looked again and it still isn't showing up on my end on the waiver report. I wish I had an explanation for it. That is strange for sure.
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    Ok, I copied and pasted this from the LM settings page. Maybe this explains what happened. Look at the line I highlighted below:

    Waiver Order System
    The waiver order determines which team has the first chance to claim a player off waivers.The default setting is 'Resets each week...' and if selected the team in last place will be reset to first in the waiver order each week during the season.
    If 'Move to last after claim...' is selected, the waiver order does not reset on a weekly basis.
    Note: Regardless of which option is selected, after a team makes a waiver selection that team is shifted to the final waiver position. This setting can be changed at any time during the season.

    So, I think the "reset to inverse order of standings" only applies if everyone used their waiver claim the previous week. Each time you use a claim, it sends you to the back of the line regardless. Nov. 30 was the last time Let the Wookie Win used a waiver claim, and Choc Frosted had put in a couple of claims since then. That would explain why he had a higher waiver priority this week since he hadn't put in a claim in a few weeks. it still doesn't explain why my waiver report screen and Dr_Jedi's looked different!

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    I get it that it is frustrating. It is kind of making me feel like an a-hole for claiming him. If the commish wants to override and transfer him offer I am okay with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alwaysbewicket View Post
    I get it that it is frustrating. It is kind of making me feel like an a-hole for claiming him. If the commish wants to override and transfer him offer I am okay with it.
    You didn't do anything wrong. ESPN just makes the waiver claim process difficult to understand for no reason. They could do a much better job in making the process more clear.

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    As much as I'd like to have the player, I don't want that either. The chips fell where they did. Hopefully this won't affect any outcomes in the end.

    I don't know what the answer to any of this is. It seems that ESPN must treat waiver claims differently somehow in the playoffs. Maybe your theory about my having made a claim the previous week in the playoffs is correct. Or maybe they think we're all equal when we get to the playoffs, and order is determined by total points - either in the regular season or in the playoffs (though I was on a bye, my team did score 170 points last week). I appreciate the commish's effort in looking into this, and I won't bring it up again.
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in
    - Leonard Cohen

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    Ok, the 2017 season is almost here!

    Last year was a competitive season. This one should be even better. Our draft is set for Sunday, August 27th, at 8 pm Eastern.

    I removed two owners who did not keep up with their teams at all last year. I had to do the same last year, too. I hate to do it but I want this to be a competitive league. It makes it more fun when EVERYONE participates and sticks it out no matter how bad his or her team is performing. Those spots will be filled so we can still have a 12 team league.
    EDIT: One spot taken, one left. PM me if interested but ONLY if you are committed to participating for the full season, regardless of how well or how poorly your team performs. This includes participating in the draft and keeping up with waivers and setting active lineups each week.

    There are no rule changes this year, but make sure you review the rules on the home page and the roster configuration of this league before the draft just as a refresher. Every league has its own rules, so I just want to make sure everyone is aware of how this league does waivers, tiebreakers, scoring, etc.

    I am looking forward to the 2017 season!
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    If anyone is interested in playing in our RS 12 team league, please let me know asap. We have one slot open. Looking to draft August 27th. Thanks!

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    Yay 27th. No other drafts that day!
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