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Thread: Celebration VI Guests

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    Celebration VI Guests

    Who do you want to see attend Celebration VI. Let your voice be heard here!
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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    Ian McDiarmid is my "big" first time guest hope this go around. I think that'd be amazing. Obviously Mark & Carrie...and we missed Billy Dee at C5!

    Bob Anderson and Brian Muir both have homes near Orlando I believe as well.

    I'd love to see some guests who did previous Celebrations but not C5 such as Sean Crawford, Simon Williamson, Femi Taylor, Ken Colley, Barrie Holland, Michael Carter, Gerald Home, and even though I don't collect prequel graphs the lovely Michonne Bourriague.

    I hope we see ILM guests too such as Richard Edlund and others who were at C4. Both Lorne and Jon Berg were awesome at C5.
    Looking for Shaw, Fords, Alecs and other rare, deceased cast pieces.

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    I did almost nothing but collector panels at CV. I plan on mixing it up this time and just bearing the lines for some of the big stars.

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    You can't have it in Orlando without Lando. Billie Dee Williams needs to be there this year! I know it's next to impossible, but would love to see Harrison Ford this time. I second Ian McDiarmid. Here's to wishing. I know it will be a good one again with whomever they get.

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    While it's great when the big names do show up, it's almost easier and more relaxing when they don't. I ate up half a day waiting in line for Hamill. It was worth it, but that was still a lot of time to spend for that. Same with Lucas. Kind of hoping he doesn't come out this time. Don't hate me for saying that.
    However, I'd line up all day if Billy Dee showed up.
    That being said, I usually get more enjoyment from the behind the scenes type panels.

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    Add me to the list who would really like to see Ian McDiarmid!
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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    Quote Originally Posted by JediEddy
    Add me to the list who would really like to see Ian McDiarmid!
    Huge +1

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    Harrison Ford is an obvious one we need to have at a Celebration. I would also like to see Dave Prowse be allowed back in, but don't see that happening.

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    need to see Sam Jackson, but he will probably be filming Django Unchained
    it is what it is!

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    Re: Celebration VI Guests

    Harrison Ford is the only one I want to see...

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