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Thread: Hunting Finds - Hasbro SPRINGS into action!

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    I was able to get Poe and Finn in Madison last week. Other than that I have not seen any restock since.

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    Stopped in at my first Five Below store in Oshkosh yesterday and was surprised to see so much Rogue One and Force Awakens stuff. Everything is $5 or less. I have no idea how big this chain is though. Worth a look if you are missing anything or army building.

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    The HASCON exclusives are up and I just ordered the Captain Rex. I had to search HASCON ad order fro the search page as I couldn't order on the page specific to Rex.

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    Yeah Me too. I was panicing because I could not see to add to cart. That was weird. But I was able to get one also!

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    Ordered the HASCON exclusive Captain Rex and it looks like I will likely have an extra. LMK if you're interested. I'd be selling him for my shipped cost ($30). Hope he ships soon!
    Seeking: T'ra Saa Comic Pack, Ahsoka -CW44, Revan lightsabers, Royal Starship, AT-ACT
    GM Cereal Pens - NEED:
    Anakin, Mace; 4 Trade: OB1, Chewie, Clone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue_2 View Post
    Is anyone seeing the second wave of 6" figures. I have heard of them hitting TRU, but have not seen any of them.
    My TRU had 2 cases of wave 2 on Force Friday, but I've not seen any in stores since then.

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    Captain Rex arrived today. Great figure!

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    Weekend Star Wars Finds

    New Star Wars found this weekend:
    * Hallmark: itty bittys "The Last Jedi" Kylo Ren and Rey
    * Hasbro: Black Series 3 3/4" Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master), First Order Stormtrooper Executioner, and Resistance Tech Rose
    * Mattel: Hot Wheels Kylo Ren & Snoke 2-Pack, Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer & Resistance Ski speeder Carships

    Darth Ray
    "Stay on SuperTarget"

    Wanted: Adventure Heroes Dr. Henry Jones 2-Pack, & Titanium Die Cast Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

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