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Thread: AT-AT - Hoth Version

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    i was lucky to get one

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    I was lucky to be able to pick one up at Walmart for $50 Canadian when it was on clearance. It was $150, then $100, then $75 and when it hit $50, I pulled the trigger. Think they all disappeared the day after.

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    Nice. I just finally picked one up a couple months ago for $110 plus like $13 shipping. It had everything but the missiles and the speeder bike, which I don't really care about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DARKLORD1967 View Post
    The biggest challenge I faced was finding enough mint condition vintage kenner side turnstile guns for these AT-AT's. I couldn't STAND the honkingly big guns that came with the Vintage Collection AT-AT.
    In the end, it took me about 8 months, but I finally managed to snag all 12 vintage Kenner guns for my six walkers on eBay!
    I know its buried somewhere in this thread, but considering this sites search engine is batha poo, remind me how the swap works? Are these direct swaps? Do any modifications need to be done to get them to fit?

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