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Thread: Ohio Finds Part 22

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    Spotted the new TLJ assortment at the Stow WM today and picked up old Ben. They had Yoda as well, but considering he doesn't have leg articulation - I skipped it. I even noticed the basic TFA Luke - first time I've seen him on the pegs. They have all the other basic figures as well, if anyone needs them.

    No SA 3.75 other than Rose - I have the basic version, so I left her. If anyone spots another Luke or guard locally LMK, those are the two SA figures I'm most interested in.

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    I found (2) 3 3/4 BS Jedi Master Lukes at Strongsville WM last night.
    The best part....once again I ruined someone's stash spot. I came in to find (2) Rose on the pegs, among the sea of Hans & Finns, and immediately got disappointed. I then looked on the top/upper shelf (where most people can't even see, but I'm 6' 7") and saw an overstock of 6" figures on their sides with two smaller boxes buried under them. Thinking they were just more Finns, I started to walk away but my curiosity got me. Yeah, they were Lukes.
    Thank you, Mr. Stasher. Sorry to ruin your day

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    I have found pretty much everything I want, except for a few Black Series 3.75". Now I'm waiting for clearance.

    Still waiting for my Vintage 6" wave 2 to ship also. Hasbro may have screwed the pooch on that release.

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    Got the new TLJ BS 3 3/4" figures at Mansfield Walmart on Thursday. I'm seeing Rose at every Walmart I go to, but that's the only time I've seen the whole set. Still haven't ever seen a Cassian or Scariff Stormtrooper.

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    I got the 6" Commander Gree at the TRU in Fairlawn last night.
    I've been checking for stock via the website for about a week now and and yesterday they finally put out a fresh case.

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