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Thread: Ohio Finds Part 22

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    Picked up the Jedha multipack and RO BluRay at the Fairlawn Target - plenty of sets in a display in the front if anyone is looking. No sign of wave 3 of the basic figures - any locals have spares? I'm looking for Thrawn, Bohdi, and the Scarif trooper.
    I just saw Bohdi on was either at the Stow or Bainbridge Target.
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    I got a 6" Krennic for $10 at Medina Target. It rang up at $20 but they price matched the tag on the peg.

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    Picked up a R5-D4 at GameStop today in Findlay. I was also able to find a Walmart SA Cassian and Scariff Trooper for $5.84 each!! Today was a good day!!
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    Any NEO locals ordering the Disney droids (Chopper, etc)? Free shipping starts at $75, so if anyone wants to combine an order, LMK.

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    Lewis Center Walmart: Really thought I had it in the bag tonight. I knew there was a case of the single 40th figures today, but the stock people couldn't find it. Went there just not to find it opened on a palette with Han and R2 missing. Kudos to whoever it was. Guess I will try my luck elsewhere
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    Went to Fairlawn Walmart today. As for 3 3/4" Black Series, there were lots of Leias and Finns. Did see the 40th Anniversary 6" Leia, Ben, and Luke. I don't collect 6", so I left them.

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    Special thanks to rgeezzy who went down to the convention and hooked me up with this little number right here.

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    Today I received the Disney Droid Factory and on Friday, I should be getting Chopper and R-3PO.

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