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Thread: Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

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    Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

    Do the Palitoy 12 back Darth Vader's come up for sale very often?

    How much would i be looking to pay for one?

    This was the first figure i remember opening as a kid So want to get one....I know its going to cost a fair bit....But roughly how much?

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    Re: Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

    Depends on how nice you want it, I recently sold a solid c9 Palitoy 12bk Vader for over $1200. I also saw one sell after that in similar condition for 1400, but I've seen super nice examples not even hit 1k within the past couple of years also. I'd say for one in decent condition(c8 or better) expect 1000+ depending on exact condition,and who's spending at the time. Also if you're into overpaying and go for a graded example, add another 300 to 1000 to your cost depending on the sellers greed.


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    Re: Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

    Nice one Joe
    Thanks for that

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    Re: Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

    Not so long ago I sold my AFA 85 Vader for 750GBP.

    Like Joe has already said though depends who is bidding at the time. Although there are quite a few people at the mo trying to put a run of Palitoy 12 backs together which could push the price up.
    They seem to come up for sale quite frequently,you shouldn't have too much trouble getting one.

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    Re: Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

    Thanks for that. Ideally i would want one AFA'd one so your AFA85 would have been nice, shame its gone.

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    Re: Palitoy 12 Back Darth Vader

    Just to add:
    Definitely one of the more common 1st 12 but I dont remember seeing many graded ones for sale.
    Im sure one will turn up!

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