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Thread: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

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    Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    Continued from previous thread.
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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    Quote Originally Posted by AgentAdam
    New CW 2-packs at the Target on Coit and Campbell in Richardson. This store also has some Thor stuff out early if anyones interested.
    I stopped by there yesterday on the way to the dentist and picked up one of each set. They were $14.99 each. Love these sets!

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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    I think it's absolute genius that it's "Nerw: Part 6".

    Thank you for that.
    I'm friendly dammit!

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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    Anyone still looking for a reasonably priced Clone Wars Y-Wing.. the Wal-Mart in Allen on 75/Exhchange has three of them.. for some reason. The shelf label states the original full price but when I checked it on a price scanner it came up.. $30.00! I didn't buy one since I don't really have room for big stuff on my Star Wars display anymore, but was really tempted to. There were three there as of 10:40ish PM.

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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    Well my constant scanning has paid off. As I go into various Wal-Marts, I will go to toys to see if they have an AT-AT. I'll take it to a scanner to see if it scans for something else other than $100.

    Well today it paid off at the Wal-Mart at Belt Line and Monfort. It scanned at $49. It was the last one, but I'm sure others will follow suite soon enough.

    On a side note, the TIE Bomber scanned at $20.

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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    That's a good deal on the AT-AT! I am still hunting the vintage waves I missed and so far no dice except a Luke Skywalker and R5-D4 at Precinct Line Walmart.

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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    Just left one AT-AT for $49 at Walmart on 26 and 114 in Grapevine. Been waiting till they came down on price, but didn't need two.
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    Re: Nerw Items Found: Part 6

    snagged my $49 AT-AT at Little Road Walmart, Arlington

    TIE bombers still on 'clearance' at $38....*SIGH*

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    Clone Wars Wave 7?

    Anyone seen these around town? They started showing up on the east coast. I want the new Anakin, new Ahsoka, and Wolffe.

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    Re: Clone Wars Wave 7?

    All I have seen is the new Kenobi wave. I did get my AT-AT today from Walmart for 49.00

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