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Thread: Mattel - Hot Wheels Thread

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    picked up the SW Cars of K2-SO and Imperial Shoretrooper. both look pretty sweet
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    Was able to pick up gotg Milano today at target
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    Nice score! ^^^ funnily enough, I also picked up a Milano, at my local Whitcolles bookstore.

    She's a beaut' little starship!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brewser View Post
    Was able to pick up gotg Milano today at target
    I saw one last week, a nicely done piece.

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    I picked up the Milano for someone well for his kid.It is a nice vehicle for Hotwheels.

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    Still haven't seen it around here. I was beginning to think the people finding it were hallucinating. Is this in the regular assortment for $1, or the other deluxe package?
    Or is it in the Marvel assortment?
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    There is a basic $1 version of the Milano out now, and a $5 "retro" version with more deco coming later. Its a shame when a huge movie like GG v2 opens that companies like this aren't prepared at all and are releasing this ship is such low numbers that it become scalper bait like a ton of HW items. I wish they'd put enough in each case to meet demand, and slow how many go straight to ebay.

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