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Thread: The Walking Dead Figures (TV & Comics)

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    ^ I never saw 1 at WG, but since I had the 2pk, I was not hunting it as much as I normally would have. He's been online for a few months w/ fluxuating prices. I'd likely only get it now if I need something to receive free shipping, if priced reasonably. Sasha, the gov, Aaron were EZ to find locally, Rick, Negan and Daryl...were/are not. local store had to track/import Rick and Daryl for me from another store, but I hadn't tried for Negan because of having 2 pk.

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    I have no intensions to hunt for it. I would if it would have been a different figure ( shaved w/ white shirt ), but as its just the same figure as in the 2-pack minus the blood splatters.... nope, do not need him

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