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Thread: The Walking Dead Figures (TV & Comics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthBeek View Post
    So, is the Comic figs line done?
    I have not heard that through any official channels. Until I hear it officially, it's just rumors.
    If it is, maybe it's on hiatus until this animated series thing comes out? Maybe it'll get a facelift and relaunch then? Time will tell my friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R1G4R3PO View Post
    cool pics. I hope she's not too hard to find. Saw she;s on back on the Walmart 3pk box too, Not sure i'll p/u that 3pk or not. I generally don't p/u bloody, b/w or package variants and reissues, The Dixon bros 2pk was the only exception WG carded Negan may be an exception too
    I hear ya... some have been tough to find, but patience usually pays off where Walking Dead figures are concerned. On several occasions I've stumbled across exclusives a year after their initial release, while others were found almost immediately. Like you, the Dixon Bros Box Set was the only multipack/bloody/B&W variant I've ever purchased. Those generally do not interest me the way single carded/boxed figures do.
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    the weirdest (but I guess not surprising due to timing and the way excls are mixed w/ reg releases) find I came across was a target excl dying Tyreese at walgreens last fall while hunting for officer friendly rick. My local targets never got Tyreese or even that wave and I ended up trading a 6" Phasma for him right after she first game out and before her price briefly skyrocketed. But I never saw the redone wg sherriff Rick in store. I only got him when the manager at my local wg was able to tack one down and have it shipped from another store 2 states away to this store. And the best part, he gave me a discount due to the "distribution" issues the area was having w/ that whole wave.
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    I had a negan reaction today.....
    wasn't expecting anything, but something told me to pull into wg on my way to the po across the street

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