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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    Finished Sol Yurick's original novel for The Warriors. It's a decent read, but the movie is very different. It's actually better than the book, I think.

    Started the Dawn of the Dead novelization of the movie. It's pretty straight on like the movie, just a few tidbits here and there so far.
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    i just finished Tales of the Bounty Hunters... yeesh... Bounty Hunter Wars was better.

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    I'm re-reading Dawn of the Jedi Into the Void.

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    I'm currently reading Dark Imperium by Guy Haley.

    I'm a big fan of the Black Library Space Marine novels, and this is my first one for a while to coincide with my return to gaming with WH40K 8th edition. I've also bought the First Strike box set and Codex: Space Marines, so that's something else to read afterwards.

    Any other WH40K gamers on here?

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    The TLJ novelization. It's pretty good.

    My one and only gripe, though, is the implied death of a Canto Bight valet during Rose and Finn's rampage through the city, when the fathier Rose is riding knocks him into a pond of decorative carnivorous fish. This bothers me because I'm not sure the servants of the rich people deserve such grisly demises. The actual rich people maybe, considering how they made their money, but not the baggage handlers, chauffeurs, valets, etc. In fact, having anyone die during the sequence sort of spoils the fun of it, taking it from just "harmless breaking rich jerks' stuff for fun" to "haha our heroes totally just killed some random guy who probably lives off tips."
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    Earlier today all day I've been reading Star Wars Lords of the Sith. I've read 121 pages nonstop since its a Star Wars novel. I just might stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. to read some more paged

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