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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    I finished Battlefront II: Inferno Squad this evening - really compelling reading all the way through. Probably better than the Aftermath Trilogy, but at the same time didn't really add much to the Star Wars lore (in the way that those books did). It was predominantly a story about an undercover mission too, and I would have liked to see a bit more action. That said, it was set during the OT, and the Imperial perspective was a welcome change.

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    So, I'm halfway thru the Thrawn novel. I feel like its picking up steam. However, I keep thinking of the "Legends" novels and thinking that this character should be the same as before, but I'm not quite feeling it. I can see the brain pattern, thinking, recognition, etc., being the same but personally, I thought the mystery of Thrawn in the older novels added strength to his persona. Now I feel like I know too much about him.

    Half a book to go, maybe I'll change my opinion.
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    Finally getting to Catalyst after finishing Plagueis and then Tarkin.
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    Not Star Wars related, but I keep returning to Ernst Jünger's World War I-era memoir Storm of Steel, as well as The Mist by Stephen King. Both are on my bedside table for bedtime reading.
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