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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    might as well finish it IMO. Truce has some great stuff in relation to ROTJ, let us know when you hit that. I'm doing On the Front Lines (reference book) this Sunday, can't wait.

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    Well I finished the Thrawn Trilogy. Overall it was a good re-read. Towards the second half of Dark Force Rising and then The Last Command, the grander plot elements started to come to fruition.

    At this point in my reading I was more concerned with the larger, long term plot points, than the individual details of this trilogy itself. The whole C'Baoth situation was the least interesting part to me, probably because I already knew the basic story line. I was more interested in the character development and interaction, Karrde and Mara coming into the inner workings of the world of the big three, as well as Pellaeon learning from Thrawn then getting set up to grow on his own.

    I don't follow new Disney Star Wars, but in keeping with the previous EU, I think this trilogy could be re-written to adjust to the PT and what the Clone Wars really were, as per Lucas. This series referred to the Clone Wars as a period of renegade Jedi wiping out the Jedi, and it refers to the clones, but no clear mention was made of how the Empire came to replace the Republic. I think this area could be reworked without disrupting the trilogy too much. Because Thrawn could still be the latest threat after a series of Warlords, C'Baoth could be a Jedi clone who went mad and tried to take over Luke and the universe, and the cloning technology at Wayland could still be something that the Emperor stored for potential future use. Thrawn could still have started up clone troopers as he did, but because he never really got his plan off the ground, there's no need to address thousands or millions of new clones. Mara could still be motivated to find Wayland not just because she remembers what the clones did in the Clone Wars as this trilogy suggests, but simply because she doesn't want Thrawn to start up a new batch and have the Empire reborn. Plus Karen Traviss is really the only one who dealt with the issue of what happens after the clones are no longer needed to defend the Republic, and that could be an assumed issue Mara wouldn't want to see again, without getting into a lot of detail.

    I don't think it would take much re-writing to adjust the Thrawn Trilogy to reflect how Lucas changed Zahn's early attempt to describe the Clone Wars.

    Of course, it is just the stuff of 'Legends' now, but for those of us who still care, a lot of vital groundwork came from this trilogy, and the 'Legendary' canonical conflicts could be corrected without much difficulty.

    Then I went on to X-Wing Rogue Squadron Isard's Revenge, which I bought when it came out 18 years ago but somehow never read. So it was new old EU for me. This was good in that it brought about some conclusions to several plot lines that the series as well as the comics developed. I really enjoy the whole X-Wing Rogue Squadron comic and novel block.

    After a couple short stories I'm into Dark Empire with II to follow. The flow is a bit abrupt in that after all the development to fight Warlords and Thrawn, and occupy Coruscant, one short story from Tales From the Empire, Retreat From Coruscant, has the New Republic fleeing Coruscant, and Dark Empire starts with it having been reclaimed by the Empire. So a lot of story work went into the New Republic taking it, and the next series, Dark Empire, essentially starts off saying the Empire retook it. It works, there are no hiccups to it, it just isn't a smooth transition in the pacing. It's the case where Dark Empire came out first, and then a series of novels and comics squeezed into a space with a lot of detail, leaving a major event unmentioned before Dark Empire barely mentions it and then starts.

    So my current stretch deals with the Dark Empire and Crimson Empire books, as well as several Boba Fett stories, before I'm back into the novels with the Jedi Academy Trilogy (if I'm current with my time line arrangements).
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    Finished Lords of the Sith. Kinda disappointed. A little too much focus on Cham and the movement. Also, we never see what happens to Mors or why she was dealing with the Hutts. But, the actual Vader-Palpatine stuff is brilliant.
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    Currently reading Godzilla FAQ by Brian Solomon. Aside from the usual fanboy griping about how TriStar's 1998 Godzilla is literally the worst movie ever made (a complaint I'm honestly sick of; at worst it's mediocre), it's a pretty decent, if somewhat abbreviated, history about the King of the Monsters through the years.

    Next up is The Luftwaffe: A History by John Killen.
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    Since the beginning of July, I've been going back and reading some of the old EU books I haven't read in a long time. I read Shadows. It was ok, maybe better than when I first read it. I'm working through the Tales of the Cantina and Tales of the Bounty Hunter books atm. The IG-88 and Dengar stories were as bad as I remembered them. The Bossk one is a bit better, but my opnion of the book hasn't really changed since I first read it. Next up will be Tales from Jabba's Palace again.
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    Finished reading Inferno Squad in two days. I highly recommend picking this one up!! It's been awhile since we've had a genuine page-turner like this one.

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    Starting Thrawn tonight
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    Istart reading the whole collection of my comics, not only Star Wars, but spiderman, Batman and others as well. I have massive collection from early '90.

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