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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck16 View Post
    So how have you liked them thus far?

    I got them and ate them up when they came out. I loved them. Recently bought the comic adaptations, which I'd never read before. I kinda want to re-read the Heir/Thrawn trilogy again to compare my interpretations with those of the comics.

    Well I'm reading at a slower pace than normal but I'm about a half of the way into Dark Force Rising. My initial impressions are that it isn't as grand in scale as I remembered it. I felt like the main plot of the trilogy would have been progressing faster, but again that's after reading it so long ago and just seeing so many references to it from others over the years. It will be interesting to see where I place it, compared to the grandness and complexity of other stories, when I'm done.

    There are several instances where Lucas had authorized changes to concepts that Zahn wrote about, basically concerning the Clone Wars. But so far they have simply been thoughts or viewpoints that a character had and not so much something that the real action is about yet, though there is the intended usage of the Spaarti cloning cylinders that hasn't been concluded yet.

    In the X-Wing Rogue Squadron comics and novels, the Courtship of Princess Leia, Tatooine Ghost, and even the Truce at Bakura, there was a connection between events. A progression of galactic developments and growth of characters and situations, with references between books. But with this trilogy being published first, there aren't references to these things that occurred before but were printed later, so there is a feeling of starting from scratch going on that does feel off slightly. Those books covered the progression of the Empire from Pestage to Isard to Warlord Zsinj in terms of the most recent big baddie. There are lots of generic references to warlords so it is possible for Thrawn to appear to the New Republic as the newest bad guy out of nowhere, but simple commentary within the New Republic about the ongoing struggle would tie things tightly together. Even though it could be believable that Thrawn was building up his section of the Empire disconnected from others before now, references from his side would tie things tightly together as well.

    Small commentary additions that would greatly enhance the feeling of continuity, aside from the concepts that were altered that would require re-writing.

    It's funny how I don't remember where things are going, but as things come out I remember something just before it is presented, like Lando's mole miners, and Karrde's buildings where Luke was kept, and Mara walking around among them. As I've gone back and re-read a number of books, there have been scenes or settings that I had a pretty good visual image of them in my head but didn't quite remember where they occurred. Then I'd run into them in a novel and think, "Aha, so that's where that was."
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    James Kahn's novelization of ROTJ, probably my favorite of the OT novels. I noticed upon this rereading that Kahn has the Emperor's guards already on the Death Star for some reason; at the beginning, when Jerjerrod goes to greet Vader, Kahn explicitly describes "red-robed Royal Guards" as being among the Imperial troops in attendance. More arrive later with Palpatine himself. I found this an interesting touch suggesting that Palpatine often has his personal guards on hand without him there, possibly to provide extra security (they may be there to protect Jerjerrod) or ensure that the higher ups toe the party line, so to speak. Or it's just another artifact of the fact there wasn't as much of an established EU at the time and Kahn just went, "Oh, cool, I'll use these guys in this scene." Probably that.
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    I just finished and put down (Finally), the Save The Lars Homestead book. It took me forever to buy it, and although a quick read it's a very extensive photo record of all aspects of the 2012 restoration event, w/ a decent amount of accompanying text. A very beautiful layout and a book well done. I was one of many "saviours" for the project, so no question I had to purchase it, but man did time fly!!-so glad I finally got it, what a slacker.
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    Having now finished the Aftermath Trilogy I'm trying to decide between Thrawn and Battlefront II: Inferno Squad. Perhaps it's because I've not seen Rebels Season 3, or perhaps it's just that the premise sounds more interesting, but I'm currently tending towards Inferno Squad. 15% off pre-order at Forbidden Planet at the moment too (ships to retailers on July 30th):
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    I finished Shadow Games and am going on to Triple Zero next. I read Hard Contact years ago but then went on to the Fate of the Jedi series after it and never got back around to the Republic Commando series until now.
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    Finished Thrawn. Could have been a lot better though. It's like he was competing to be the main character in his own book.

    Started The Last Command. Now this is a Thrawn book.
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    Finished up on SW Visual Encyclopedia.

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    Stuff Im reading currently

    Tom Clancy's Teeth of the Tiger
    2011 IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Its still ongoing these days I think too. Im already on issue 4 since I Just started reading the series earlier today

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    Finished The Last Command. Excellent book.

    Wanted to continue the Zahn mood, so I picked up the duology of Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future.

    Just started Specter.
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