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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    It took some time but I finished reading Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil.
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    I've been rereading the EU chronologically from the beginning for several years now. The last block I went through contained the X-Wing Rogue Squadron comics and novels, and Wraith Squadron novels. In the past I have recommended them if you are interested in reading about team dynamics, because although it had been some time since I read them, I remembered that I liked them. Well this time around I really remembered why I liked them. There was a large rotating cast that got covered very well. In the comics, there was a good job at giving little background or side panel moments among the squad that kept everyone involved, and helped develop the character of each person. The novels also did a good job of keeping everyone in play, until the Aaron Allston Wraith Squadron books, where sometimes it felt like people disappeared when they weren't needed for the main plot. That's basically the only negative I would give the whole series. Michael Stackpole seemed to keep everyone involved more, even if just a tidbit here and there. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and again recommend them if you like team dynamics, multi character interaction, and the feeling of a bunch of friends hanging out or goofing off among themselves, as often there is downtime covered, and practical jokes to boost morale and blow off steam. At a somewhat recent time after RotJ, there was a lot of in universe world building going on here. Developing the post Emperor progression and recovery of the Empire, as well as a number of characters on the New Republic side. Michael Stackpole should get credit for a lot of concept creation.

    I also read the Courtship of Princess Leia, which I feel did a good job in covering relationships. Han & Leia had arguments that you could believe from real life. It introduced several things that went on to greater life in the EU, such as the Hapes Consortium and the Witches of Dathomir. The way the witches use the Force was a very outside the box idea at the time it was introduced. The Hapes Consortium consists of 63 planets that have remained isolated from the Empire and Rebellion/New Republic as best they can. At the time in the EU that it was published, each idea opened up room for a lot of potential to develop.

    Then Tatooine Ghost, which the main plot is almost secondary to what the story tries to address; Leia's view of her father, and how that impacts the idea of her and Han having children.
    I made a separate topic years ago,
    about whether the universe at large knew Anakin became Vader. At the time I had forgotten the details of this book. This book is the first to address things as if the Galaxy should or seems to know Anakin became Vader, as well as knows he was Leia's father, and Leia speaks openly about it in front of strangers or new acquaintances. It will be interesting for me to go forward and follow up on this question because I don't quite recall this openness really being developed in further stories. This may end up being a hiccup in the EU continuity if the rest of the stories adhere to Anakin being Leia's father and becoming Vader being kept as more of a secret, for at least a longer period of time, which is sort of how I feel it was done.

    But on to the answer to the question at hand, I am now starting Heir to the Empire. This will be the first time this century that I've read it. Some of these earliest 1990's EU novels were the ones I read the longest time ago, and the details of which were the least familiar to me. It has been and will be interesting to see what ideas stayed with the EU, and what seemed to have been cast aside for different ones (aside from ones where Lucas wanted to override for his own purposes).
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    Stuff Im reading currently

    Tom Clancy's Hunt for the Red October. Book is ok but I am getting bored already. Im more used to the other Tom Clancy novels

    Original Avengers comics. Im up to issue 20 and they're fun to read but I cant stand Rick Jones and his ham radio boy band team

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    Just started Shadow Games.
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    Stuff Ive read and reading currently

    God Country - binge read all 5 issues couple of days ago. Pretty good series

    Eclipse by Image Comics. First issue is pretty good

    Power of the Dark Crystal. Just bought the recent issues 2 and 3. Ill read them when im done with Eclipse

    the new Generation X comic

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    Lost Victories by Erich von Manstein.
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