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Thread: What are you reading now? V.3

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    Darth Plagueis.
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    Started reading Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil.
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    Also reading Han Solo mini series comics from Marvel.
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    Finished Bloodline and nearly finished Rogue One: Catalyst. Both very good reads. Especially enjoying Catalyst at the moment, really good back story on Galen Erso and the construction of the Death Star.

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    Almost finished Tarkin now, enjoying that too. I have Lords of the Sith and the Aftermath trilogy lined up next.

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    Just about to start the third book in the Aftermath trilogy. I really enjoyed Catalyst and definitely have to make time for the Rogue One novelization.

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    Been reading Battlefront Twilight Company.
    Good read. Love how the writing flows and how we get to see the grunts in the Rebellion.
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    Just finished Aftermath, didn't think it was as bad as most people made out, will start Life Debt tonight.

    I just picked up a hardcover of Battlefront. Also hardcover versions of Thrawn, Rebel Rising and Guardian of the Whills pre-ordered.
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    I just started reading Old Republic Annihilation. Even though I'm in the beginning, the book is better than Deceived

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    Finished Aftermath. The only parts that interested me were Lando on Cloud City and Han playing with Ben. Didn't care about anybody else.

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