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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders View Post
    I picked up this print by Tony Bamber. It's 36" by 24" and i rather like it. It's very different.

    Ha! That is cool. Its a retro MF turntable. Reminds me of art deco.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 76muss View Post
    Sorry if its the wrong place but does anyone know what the going rate is for Lawrence Noble's "Failure Will Not Be Tolerated"?
    Havent seen one in a while. The Noble prints seem to be pretty scarce.
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    Picked up my Randy Martinez Celebration Orland print from the framers!

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    This showed up in the mail today:

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    Picked up online...various sizes available, but I picked up 16x24: Also hoodies, tees, phone cases, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders View Post
    That is pretty cool, Jedisquared.
    Thanks, Rodders...I love how it encompasses EVERY SW movie to date.
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