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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

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    Just got two APs from Dave Dorman. He was nice enough to add an AT-AT Driver to one of the prints.

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    Two new ones. Sorry I cannot get the horizontal thing works out on my phone. Surprise I ordered the Jabba one directly from Acme and the just sent me the "1"

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    Love the Rey/Luke one!

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    Nice grabs everyone. I can't wait to see all our new Celebration art framed up soon.

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    Just got the last one back from the framer, sorry for the not-so-good pic.

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    A great piece, Dobby. Craig Drake's work is exceptional.

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    Thanks, he mentioned that Jyn would be out mid-summer.

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    A great piece, Dobby. Craig Drake's work is exceptional.

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    Sorry if its the wrong place but does anyone know what the going rate is for Lawrence Noble's "Failure Will Not Be Tolerated"?

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    I picked up this print by Tony Bamber. It's 36" by 24" and i rather like it. It's very different.

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    I picked this up earlier this year. Its an original water color artwork by Paul Wenzel, who was a popular Disney poster artist from 1958-1999. It was part of a commission he did in 2000 for Lucas Books after retiring from Disney. It was published in a series of Lucas Books children's books called 'My First Star Wars Adventures' - 'Save Naboo!'. Considering that Lucas is a big fan of artwork, and in particular 'Americana' artwork, I'm really shocked he didn't keep the originals, and that they went so inexpensively on the secondary market. Not that the artist is a household name, he isn't. But he was a prolific Disney artist, whose work was used extensively in Disney marketing, including classic movie posters. So even though he's not well known by name, his work is recognizable by many. His more recent work focuses on western and native american themes. One of his Disney paintings even made it onto a US postage stamp.

    For me, artist aside... I loved the painting from the moment I saw it, and I had it framed with the best archival materials, including museum quality glass.

    Some of Paul Wenzel's other work for Disney...

    His more recent work can be seen here...
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