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Thread: Bay Area Reports v.8

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    Bay Area Reports v.8

    Please start in this new thread.

    Found ROTJ and last 2 CW waves at Target and Walmart this morning minus Draa.
    Currently loving NECA figures!

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Just missed the ROTJ wave at the Dublin Target. Had 2 Darth Vader varients on the pegs.

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    added a few more figs to my ROTJ wave today from the SM Target
    Love this wave..
    -Rebel Commando
    -Darth Vader card Anakin

    Now just need to pick up CW Shaak Ti and Quinlan Voss any one seen these yet?

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Found some ROTJ vintage at the Martinez Walmart last night. They had all but Gamorrean.

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Cleaned out the left overs of the ROTJ wave at Walnut Creek Target last night. Still looking for most of the wave though.
    To Trade: Champagne U-3PO complete, 2 TFU clear Shadowstormies and a TFU Camo Evotrooper.
    Want: Silver U-3PO

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Quote Originally Posted by epsilonjedi
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael_Knight
    I had to go to the emergency vet for the cat out in Rohnert Park near Larkspur. The cat is fine but I did manage to free up some time to check the local Wal Mart and scored the ROTJ wave sans Wicket.
    Better thank your cat.
    Lol, thanks, I did.

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Has anyone stopped the Voss wave yet? if so what store?

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Yup. Milpitas Walmart. Though there were no extra when I picked them up yesterday morning.
    Currently loving NECA figures!

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    Target Livermore has 1 case of Vintage in the backroom, had them pull it and sure enough it was the ROTJ wave. Picked out Gammoreon Guard, Ackbar, Rebel Commando, & Wooof. They stocked the rest of the figures including Wicket, R2, Luke, & Darth Vader name change.

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    Re: Bay Area Reports v.8

    I picked up Wicket at the Novato Target yesterday to complete the ROTJ wave. They had one left of everyone else except the Gam Guard which I would have picked up since I want at least two more of him.

    BTW, I don't know if anyone ever hunts up in the North Bay area but I can stash figures if ever need be. Myself and a couple buddies of mine used to do this in AZ where I'm from and it was always helped out. I go there at least once a week. Just PM me your number.

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