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Thread: SW Collection as An Investment

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    I buy SW things because I like it and sometimes I buy multiples because I like it so much. I was however tempted to sell my Elite Han blaster when I saw prices in the $3,000s... Only because I needed a new truck...
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    Collect what makes you happy, and if it happens to grow in value over time, there's a bonus

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    I didn't open Hasbro's for the most part(though I did Kenner back in the golden days); I was mostly MOC collector & bought doubles for cantina dioramas, etc. I sold a lot, and Sideshow too, to fund Hot Toys SW efforts. I don't regret it...they are the Crown Jewels of my collection. I still have vintage '78-85, and some still carded. To me...Hasbro's peaked with TAC, and they've been churning out crap 3.75 ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RediNight View Post
    I buy SW things because I like it and sometimes I buy multiples because I like it so much. I was however tempted to sell my Elite Han blaster when I saw prices in the $3,000s... Only because I needed a new truck...

    Sell the Gun and Get your truck my friend. You can still be a fan of Star Wars without owning every piece of SW junk that comes down the pike. These are great movies and it's fun to collect SW Stuff but they can and have caused many to spend way to much hard earned money on un-needed SW Merchandise. Just my Opinion!

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    Collections can be a great investment only if buy high grade items but buy what you like because the collectors world can be very fickle. If values go down then you have things you enjoy and wont get stressed out.
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    in thinking more about this, IF you were going to buy SW for investment, you have to know whats going to hold its value. For the most part, if not the majority, modern star wars toys just arent worth it. Mass produced and I dont think they will ever hold the same effect or nostalgia as the first vintage SW toys did.

    If you then decide to invest in vintage, the one factor working against you is degradation. If you are planning on holding on too some Yak Face MOCs or some of the rarer POTF MOCs or other rare and in demand MOCs, say foreign MOCs, they will all in time either yellow, crack, or the bubble fall off. So that AFA 85Y Yak Face, POTF is no longer worth 7,000 but say 50-60% less because the bubble slid off. Thats a terrible investment.

    If it isnt that, how do you purchase correctly in the cycle? At one point, vintage SW collecting will once again go into a hiatus or slow down. Prices will come down. Demand for items will shift. Will it be pre-production that goes hot and heavy? Will it be displays? Will it be MOCs, etc etc etc.

    I Guess if one had enough data on price points and had a way to measure demand by watching what items rise in price over others for the next cycle, perhaps it might be worth an investment but think about it, the dealers that are in this constantly flip and move the product, They dont sit on it for long periods of time.

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    As a kid, I worked in a comic store and got the greatest advice ever. Buy what you like, and if it goes up or down the worst thing that happened is you have something you enjoy. Collectibles are always a risky investment.

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    This is my 1st post. I have been coming here for over 10 years, but i just created this user id to go further into the boards. I am 45 and been a collector since my first figure. The wife and myself just purchased a new house 2 years ago. With no children, we had 2 extra bedrooms. So for the 1st time in my life, i had a room i could use as my toyroom. For years i just had stuff in boxes, sitting in the closet. Most of my collection is vintage loose. My loose figures are as mint as they get, with some coming off cards that were busted or in miserable shape. I like being able to touch my collection. I have been collecting the 6 inch black series since it started. Two of every figure released. One to display, and one to keep mint in the box. Like many of the posts i read, i collect for the pure joy. I do not collect with the idea of selling down the line. I love getting that feeling inside like when we were kids getting a new toy. I do sometimes sell something in my collection, only to fund something else i want. My main collection is Star Wars, however i collect Mego worlds greatest super heroes, and wrestling figures. Most of that stuff i open or in the case of megos, i bought them loose.

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