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Thread: SW Collection as An Investment

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    SW Collection as An Investment

    If you are using your collection as an investment, or thinking about it, what do you think the best line to invest in would be?

    Vintage? - Prices are already high on some pieces, do you think they will continue to gain value (i.e DT Luke or Vinyl caped Jawa?)

    Modern? - if so, what lines?

    Exclusives? - Again, which ones? Hasbro? Sideshow? GG? Other?

    Sideshow/GG/Other? - Their regular stuff (even though most seems to be exclusives anymore)

    Any other items? Real Props? Replica props? Autographs?
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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    Yes & No. I know it will be sold off at some point. I have no plans of selling, but tomorrow is another day.
    As for what i collect...I only collect what I want to look at. I hope it will go up in value, but now days if can can break even your doing good.
    I think anything vintage will all ways be a good investment.

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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    If I want to invest I'll buy stocks, bonds, homes, gold etc. I don't buy toys as a financial investment. I have quite a lot of money invested in the hobby but I'll never get back what I put into it. Luxury items have very rarely seen a big return. I would say that my SW collection is an investment in my happiness and that's about it.
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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    Interesting question,

    In my point of view the only Star Wars product with some investment potential would be Mint in Box lego sets.
    Buying carefully selected boxes without scratches, keeping them boxed, and keeping the boxes mint, then waiting for 5-10 years would probably make bit of return. If you have the space and patience.

    All other things, I suppose, you are lucky if you make your money back. Except for the very slim chance of finding some rare and expensive vintage item on the local flee market,that is.


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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    Toys, not even high end items, are not good for investment. There are items that went up in value, I know of some Master Replicas prop replicas for example but also there are statues that went down in value. I collect because it is a hobby, I like doing this, and it is entirely for myself. It is one of the very few things I do for me. Of course I don't mind when a collectible goes up in value at all, but that is not what I'm interested in.

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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    I'm taking my chances on the modern line. Mainly vintage style because it brings back alot of childhood memories. ROTS are a huge plus for me. Packaging is distinct and one of a kind too.

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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    I do collect because I loveit, however with my husband's health issues, the day may come when I will have to sell it all or some of it.
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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    Collecting should be about fun, not investing.
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    Re: SW Collection as An Investment

    Modern is NOT an investment. There are no figures save for a VERY select few that actually go up in value.

    If you want to invest I would go all out on Vintage. However there are certain risks you have to take into account, just like an other investment (yellowing bubbles just to name 1).

    High end stuff is also a place you can invest but again, you are taking a risk--someone still has to want to buy it for more than what you paid for it when you want to sell it. Those collectors selling now are taking huge losses because no one simply has the money or wants to pay full retail, much less more than retail.

    However, the bottom line is collecting should be fun. If its not, you need to get out. If some things end up being worth more when you intend to sell (if ever), fine, but you shouldn't be collecting now with the thought that things will be 3 or 4 times what you paid for them several years down the road because 95% of the stuff now will be worth less in 10 or 20 years--it's just too mass-produced.

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