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Thread: 12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner Line General Discussion

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    Having been away for a long time, I've recently been able to fill every hole in my collection, in my gentle giant jumbo kenners. I have always and have been a die hard fan for these and having recently received the han carbonite, and watching all the negative reviews on it, that only put's it arguably the worst they have ever produced, specifically mentioning what the carbonite block is made of and the spacing of the words on the rear of the coin ( and the paint job ). If we are at the end days of this production, at least put an conservative effort into it and produce a good copy, and not an abomination that is the han solo carbonite. One would tend to believe since disney's involment is star wars, the line has dried up significantly and cannot and wont go back to it's glory days. A direct word from GG stating the situation would be appreciated and not leaving us guessing on what is happening to the line, cause left long enough, conspiracy theories will engulf us all. Even if they were only releasing these figures at specific conventions and limited to 2 a year, then we have years, if not decades of collecting in front of us.( But producing good copies is imperative ). And showcasing they have an emporer palpatine with potf coin for next years schedule is redundant since they haven't produced the original release. Leave the POTF coins for the last 15 or 17 ( pending on what you believe ). Having released already the gamorrean guard with the potf coin wasnt necessary nor is the greedo with potf coin. Go back and finish the ESB line, and release the last 15 in limited numbers. And as mentioned earlier about the potf greedo, it's a redundant idea to release it and showcase it since it was never produced ( or was it ), but the christmas yoda( is an exception in my belief )and the release of Salicious crumb, Blue Snaggletooth and prototype bobafett is acceptable since they were never released on cards. The release of cardback variation's which included Boba Fett ( 2 times ( ESB and Droids )), Yak Face tri logo, both ROTJ luke farmboys, ESB stormtrooper, ROTJ yoda (which included a brown snake ), and with the figure variation's of big head Han, and material cloth Jawa is in my belief what slowly killed the line. If GG only focused on releasing the original release of every figure ( plus all the variants mentioned earlier and including C3PO and R2D2 from the droids line ), both the 3 figure sets, the dianoga trash monster and 'the WAMPA' , we would be 24 figures further along the line and closer to finishing then we'll ever be. We would have finished the empire line and would of nearly finshed ROTJ including the ones already released and have 13 POTF to finish it off.( I calculated every figure available and on pre-order, though i probably missed it total by 1 or 2), and by flooding the market early with variants, they should of held off and released them after all the original figures had been released first. Though i have only read the first and the last 5 pages of this thread, a lot of you are singling out your want's list and i can bet most of you dont have the variants and never would be interested in them, but if GG had released 'the original released figures', without variants, you would most likely have that figure now, than waiting in hope if you'll ever get it. Hopefully they will keep going, but i have lost all faith and belief there is any saving this line.
    Very well said, we would have so many different new figures if they kept the variants for the end.

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    Thanks Sebkenobi.

    Looking through the SDCC2017 photo's of the 12 inch line ( and the re-release of 4 more figures we already have and luke ( farmboy ) for the 4th time, but with a double - telescoping saber. ( i can predict that will be super expensive )), but putting my gripe aside, I noticed a small vintage jabba on the top of Hans carbonite chamber in the showcase that seems to house's them all....was he included in the salacious crumb exclusive or was it the loose C3PO head?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthvader23 View Post
    I noticed a small vintage jabba on the top of Hans carbonite chamber in the showcase that seems to house's them all....was he included in the salacious crumb exclusive or was it the loose C3PO head?
    The Jumbo Salacious came with both the tiny Jabba in vintage box (maybe my favorite accessory ever) and the C-3PO head.

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    If anyone is trying to order anything from Gentle giant, their credit card system is down for some updates they are doing. I was trying to get another trash monster last night and noticed my credit card is not on file and there was not add a card feature on my account.

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    sure looks like this is dead lol

    thank god there are so many available on ebay, lots of great figures were made, go get them!

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