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Thread: Art of Jason Palmer

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    Never has the saying "You don't choose art, art chooses you" hit me more than when I saw this jaw dropping Jason Palmer print at Celebration last month. I was transfixed and instantly knew that this was a piece that I absolutely had to have, and that once I had it demanded to be framed and hung at the absolute earliest opportunity. It simply would not do to pass on it or to buy it only to store it away in a tube somewhere.

    I just picked it up from the frame shop today and am very happy with the result. Even though I don't love the prequels (I don't count them or TFA among my personal "canon") it doesn't matter because when I look at this art I just see my entire life represented in film, pop culture, and collectibles totally realized from 1977 when I was 3 years old until now, four decades later.

    The central nucleus of the print (OT characters plus Rogue One) is my "Star Wars Mount Rushmore" but I actually really like what he did with the main PT and TFA characters on the sides. I love that my favorite character in all of fiction, Han Solo, is front and center. Young Luke is appropriately the largest character in the entire print. One thing's for sure, if you like Star Wars at all then you're bound to see something you like in this piece. The print is huge, the artwork itself is about 24 inches by by 38 inches wide, almost movie poster one sheet size, even larger with matting and frame. I hope you enjoy these pics:

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    You said it Khev. This is one of Jason's best pieces to date. I didn't jump on it yet, as I'm still pondering getting an original piece from Jason. But this is well worth owning. Fantastic choices in matting and framing sir!
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    Thanks Jay! Yes Jason always does such a great job with his movie and saga montages and for me personally this is his best one yet! Which original are you thinking of picking up?

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    Honestly, anything that may be available as Jason is (almost) entirely digital now. So an original is going to be harder to come by. When and if the time is right, I may be limited by what is leftover.
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    Dear Disney, if you want to bring back the SW Fan Club -contact me.

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