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Thread: New Central Illinois Finds...

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    Checked the local Fred's store, found a TBS6 Ahaoka

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    hey ya'll. For anyone interested in buying loose figures or vehicles. As well as 2-3 crates of carded figs. I'm clearing out my kenner/hasbro collection which started in 95. As of the last few years my collecting has gone way down to less than 50 bucks a year. I'm just low on space with how much I've amassed and the figure prices keep rising. So i thought I'd sell it and switch to a premium collection like sideshow, gentle giant, etc.

    If there is anything you want feel free to send a msg, anyone can come by my place and give an offer for something. I'm in Galesburg, IL.

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    Hi there! I've been trying to fill in a few gaps from the Vintage Collection I have and would be interested in any carded figures you have from roughly 2009-2013. Vehicles too. Basically anything carded or boxed from the Vintage Collection era.

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    I saw the TBS 3.75 AT-ST at Marion Walmart and bought it tonight. From what I've read of the reviews the joints are tighter and will be a good display piece. I'll let you know what I think once I unbox it.

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    benton caught with price reduction, TBS6- $9.84 & TBS3.75- $5.84

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    benton had some of the 40th line- 2 farmboys, 2 bens, and a single han/leia.

    no pegs for them, they were just sitting on other toys

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