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Thread: Recent Acquisitions #2

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    I have Yugoslavian stickerbooks and comics being sent to me right now.

    (Remember that country and what it went through in the 1990's? Here is a web page for people interested in remembering or who forgot

    Included are complete Droid and Ewok stickerbooks that appear to have been published in the 1989-1990 period for Yugoslav market only. I'm hoping to get other people interested in this item to help put together a free PDF edition with English translation. The complete stickerbooks would provide plot synopses of Droid and Ewok episodes with the stickers becoming images.

    I will try to post images. Someone may be able to comment on the estimated rarity of these items. Anyways, they come from an era when Lucasfilm licensed Droid and Ewok characters to different countries around the world. Every country seems to have gotten some different licensed material. Brazil and other South American markets got some unique items. Spain got the lost MyComics Droids and Ewok comics. Yugoslavia seems to have gotten some unique merchandise along with comic reprints, before ceasing to be a country.

    Also arriving to my mailbox -- Yugoslav SW comics that appear to be reprints of the US comics.

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    Vader 006 yesterday.
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    Anyone know if the new Princess Leia novel is any good or is it catered more for little girls and women?

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    Not sure on the Leia, but I believe she's 16 in it, but that may not mean anything. Just p/u The Force Doth Awaken to keep the WS SW collection going, cool books these are, and small money. Looking at the gorgeous Stormtrooper Beyond the Armor HC, may have to let that ride into Xmas.

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    I got my Barnes and Nobel exlusive Han Solo Trilogy last week.

    A nice tome, IMO.

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    Picked up X-wing: Mercy Kill in paperback.
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