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Thread: Recent Acquisitions #2

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    yeah sounds good, I got a B-wing 11/14 pic on sale there, he has a great selection. If not eBay has plenty unsigned, but I wouldn't poke around on either site, when they're gone they're gone. I really was PO'ed myself when the making of TFA was dropped or stopped or whatever. I can't see any logical reason why, and the insane amount of kid's books they're releasing (and most not containing any new content, just same tales) is only great for, well kids. Making TFA must've been quite the process, and I was very interested in seeing how a SW film comes to life w/o GL being the boss.
    I was very upset there has been no Making of TFA or Making of RO. The last book I needed was actually bought from JW Rinzler's eBay store ... looks like he no longer works for Lucasfilm, which makes me worried about the future of these books

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    agreed, I am a collector and massive fan of all the reference and making of, behind the scenes & art, asst. collectibles Sansweet books, we are still getting some great in universe reference/BTS coming (On the Front Lines, Stormtroopers : beyond the armor) etc. but the tidal wave of disposable kid books is so disappointing. feels like adult fans are getting second tier attention. You could say it's still kinda early for a R1 Making of book to lean towards it maybe happening, but not likely based on TFA's fate.

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