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Thread: The Vintage Collection (2010-2012)

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    The Vintage Collection (2010-2012)

    Anyone else think that 2010/2011 is going to be an expensive year? Anyone else going to be collecting the next basic line?

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    Isn't every year expensive? I'm so loving what Hasbro has shown, can't wait to see further waves. Thinking, from what's been said, were bound to see some great updates and new figures. Love to see pics of the ROTJ wave. If Gammorean Guard looks as good as the current figs I'll pee.
    On the Clone wars front, I love all the speeders and such which are coming. Here's to the return of vintage.

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by commandernarra
    Isn't every year expensive?
    It's been like that for me since they relaunched the line.
    If everything pans out, I'll be right in this year hopefully ordering SEALED and MINT cases of all Hasbro 3&3/4" product and so on.
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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    Ha! Ha!

    When isn't there a year when its not expensive GNT? Add to that Gentle Giant mini busts and 12 inch Sideshow figures and its dam expensive.

    Everything looks so awesome though this year though so it will be hard to say no to alot of items. I am really hanging out for that new Bespin Luke, Hoth Leia, etc, the Cloud Car and the big muther AT-AT which looks incredible.

    Heres to a great 2010 in Star Wars collecting fellas.

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    So Vintage is out as we all know

    Kmart has them for $15.75
    Hobbyco have them for $19.95
    And I've seen them at David Jones as well for $17.95

    Plenty around so far. Sadly I've passed so far as I've got them through BBTS but need to pick up a few doubles

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    I saw them too at my local Kmart, picked up a Cloud Car pilot since my case from BBTS's only got one and I need two for the new CC!

    Also I've noticed a good deal of AT-AT's have suddenly appeared at the target's around here...come the Sale on Thursday and that bad boy's mine

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    Still waiting on my rubbish Kmart to get the vintage figures in.

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon_Gunner
    Still waiting on my rubbish Kmart to get the vintage figures in.
    Finally found them but in other kmarts not mine.

    Refer to my posts in Anything new in Australia.

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    Re: The Vintage Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by GNT
    Picked up a few vintage figures today, looks like they'll be hitting in full force when stores put them out
    I've gotta check out my local Kmart today .. well .. it's August already ...
    Disney ... if you ever make "The Old Republic" please make sure there is no Mickey and friends in it ..

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