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Thread: NECA - Predator 1, 2 and Predators

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commando_Scorch View Post
    Do his wrist blades extend and retract like all the other NECA Predators, or are they static? Just asking cause the blades on mine are firmly stuck in place, and I don't want to force it.

    Mine were stuck at first, but the do move.

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    Neca Ultimate City Hunter by scarrviper, on Flickr

    Found him at TRU today.

    Overall I'm pleased with him.

    I've never owned a city hunter before so this new release was perfect for me. You do get your money's worth when it comes to accessories, he's loaded. His joints so far all feel solid and tight, except for his waist which is a little loose because of how the back of his belt was jammed into into it in the packaging. Speaking of belts, I hate how those pieces around his waist float around. It does take some adjusting to get them where you want them.

    I will say to watch out when it comes to the paintjob, as they vary. I had to look at all 9 or so that were on the shelf because they were all different. The weathering of the armor and mask vary, as does the hands and feet. I saw one whose feet didn't even match each other in color.

    As for the wrist computer issue, mine seems to be fine for now. It does feel delicate, I know there has been a lot of complaints of it breaking as soon as it is taken out of the package. Neca should have designed it better. I did see 2 or 3 of them in the store that appeared to be broken in the packaging. One had a cracked hinge, and the other two appeared twisted as if the lids were going to fall off.

    The wrist blades do extend, I know some have said that they don't move. Mine were stuck, but I was able to free them and now they slide band and forth no problem.

    I do wish there was a way for the unmasked head to be more visible in the box, because it is difficult to inspect the paintjob in the store when it's so deep in the tray. I will also say that the decorations on his dreads could be painted better. Seems like the factory slacked off a bit on those compared to some of my other predator figures.

    Another thing to note, was that all throughout the packaging tray, there were plastic shavings that looked like they had come off of a drill bit. My guess is that they came from the neck sockets of both heads, like they had been altered at the factory so they would swap easier.

    He's a great looking figure, but be careful when buying one.

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    Here's a pic of my Predator collection:

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    I'm loving this City Hunter.... BUT and it's a big Ol BUT, the Helmeted head does not stay on every time I pose the head it pops off. And of course the wrist computer is broken right out the box. It actually fell on the desk when I took him out of the tray. I really dig this figure but man I got a bad apple shipped to me... Never had issues like this from NECA.
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    The AVP Elder is up on right now. Just him, though. Weird, they never even put series 17 up for preorder?
    Things I need :
    NECA AvPR Predalien (at LESS than eBay prices)
    Have: BF Shocktrooper
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