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Thread: Killeen, Texas, Finds "3"

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    Holy cow...what happen? I mean I get it, it is Star Wars, but the amount of wiped out shelves? Never seen that before ever. Stan Schulter Wally bare shelves, TRU damn near bare bones pickings, Killeen Wally just as wiped out, Target yeah that was a mess, and Cove had stuff but not figures, not this afternoon.

    When I asked at each store if they had more in the back to bring out, I got blank looks at both Killeen Wally Worlds and the same at Heights. TRU went and look and had they had some more Lego stuff but no figures for SW. Target never came back with an answer and Cove said they couldn't tell me yes or no via manger saying this to them. I did not check the PX on post. And Kmart, well the exit is blocked and I missed it.

    But really how can damn near everything be gone? Was it so small an amount of 3.75in Figures? I could personally care less about the 6in or bigger figures, I don't collect those. I am just wondering what happen and who bought almost everything in the area....I am mainly after the new Stromtroopers and the Resistance Troopers, I collect armies, not into needing the main characters.
    i was at TRU, Killeen Wally and SS Wally on midnight madness. Everything was gone within 5-10 minutes. TRU was pathetic, and Killeen Wally didn't even bother to stock, they just brought pallets out. I got my 3 Black Series figures but that was it. They'll all restock at some point

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    Wondered over to Belton and Temple, did the rounds there, yeah they had a lot of the Lego stuff and the Mash ups, a few vehicles lefts, mainly the "hero" ones and not much else. Lots of T-shirts and smaller odds and ends but no figures.

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    Khol's has stuff, lots of stuff. Target has the New Sith Bad guy in the over priced 6in figure. Still have not seen any Stormtroopers.

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    Killeen Wally put out a few cases of wave 2 of the 3.75" 5POA this morning

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    Wally World in Killeen has some new stuff for Rogue One, lots of 6in figures if folks are into that, and some of the newer 3 packs. Still looking for the new on card Stormtroopers from upcoming movie, like the Beach Trooper and the Tank Trooper etc...I know some of you are buying cause the shelves have been wiped out in some places and others not so much. Then again the stores seem to not always put out their entire lot of stuff either. Wally is famous for this since I keep seeing old Wave One EPVII figures on the shelves.

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    Anyone seen the two pack of Admiral Akbar and First Order Officer or the 3.75" Stormtrooper Executioner at Wal-Mart? Did anyone find anything?

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