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Thread: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

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    Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    This is one of the finalists from Hasbro's custom dio contest. I don't know who did this, but it's incredible. I wanna commission this guy now!!

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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    From the thumbnail, I wasn't impressed. But, when I opened the full-size images...WOW! This has got to be the best carbon freezing chamber I've ever seen!
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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    Hello fellow Rebelscum reader, thank you for the kind words. I have been coming to this website for longer than I can remember, but I was truly taken aback when I logged on today and saw a Star Wars post that directly involved me! You see, my brother and I spent most of September painstakingly recreating the Carbon Freezing Chamber for the Hasbro diorama contest. This is the first time we have ever attempted something like this and our hope in doing this is we will get to meet other awesome Star Wars fans that have such a strong passion for these movies!
    Since the readers of this forum are fellow diorama builders I thought Id share a bunch of photos with you guys that show the process it took to build this gigantic structure.

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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    I have to say that this diorama is simply incredible! It definitely got my vote.

    I would love to hear more about the making of it -- materials used, etc. if you have the time.
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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    Amazing diorama.

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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    this is incredible. I am amazed this is your first diorama! The colours are so amazing, exactly like the film. Awesome work.
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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    Incredible work. I had just voted on your dio prior to seeing this post. Keep it up and don't be a stranger around here. You obviously have some real talent.
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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    I literally spent about five minutes of my lunch break yesterday debating between this diorama & the Felussia order 66 one. The latter had some great paint work & attention to detail but the lighting on this one is incredible & then I saw the huge jumble of overhead equipment & felt like I was looking at a movie still. After that, I voted for this.

    Great job ThrawnLover & good luck.
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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    First off, Great work. It's nice to see someone else tackle a dio of this size. Lucky you, you had help. I really like the lighting you did with it,something i may add to mine in time. For some reason i can't get some of the pics to open. Might just be my pc.
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    Re: Insane carbon freeze chamber diorama!

    This one got my vote yesterday! Great work man.

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