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Thread: Houston Area Reports- 11

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    Houston Area Reports- 11

    Hey guys starting a new thread because the old one has reached 500 posts.

    Looks like I might do a toy run with all the new figures out.

    Also, if anyone spots the Clone Trooper ultra stylized bobble head let me know. It's the only one I'm missing.
    Wanted: McQuarrie Rebel Trooper
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    Re: Houston Area Reports- 11

    i'm looking for the holographic sidious on spider chair. he should be out by now.

    anyone seen him around?
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    Re: Houston Area Reports- 11

    That wave just hit the west coast a few days ago so it could be any day now, J.

    Btw, the second wave of Walmart clone two packs are in town. Saw Cody/Echo & Rex/Fives at Katy Mills. New Comic packs are here too. Saw left overs at TRU and the Eldridge Super Target. Still looking for Krayt.

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    Re: Houston Area Reports- 11

    Hi All,

    It's been a while since my last post.
    The only new figures I've seen lately around the Woodlands are the Corporate Alliance Snail Tank Droid and the new comic packs @ Target. Nothing new @ Walmart or I'm getting late in new findings.
    I'm still looking for a Geonosis Assault Battle Pack

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    TPM wave

    Found The Phantom Menace wave this afternoon at Walmart on Eldridge/1960. I picked up Obi, Amidala, Gungan, and Clegg but missed Sidious Holo and Rum Sleg. Only the Jawa and Spacetrooper repacks were left.

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    Re: TPM wave

    i'll be in the UK again this week. gonna try to see the SW exhibit at the Eye since i missed it last time.

    might venture over to the TRU again, just to see what they have. i was soo thoroughly disappointed when i discovered that they were not in trilogo packaging. but oh well, i guess the brits do speak english.
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    Re: TPM wave

    Picked up the new Galactic Heroes Endor Celebration & Anakin's Jedi Starfighter sets at the Target on Grand Parkway & Westheimer Parkway yesterday.

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    Re: TPM wave

    I haven't been able to get out and hunt. No one else has come across any TPM wave this past week?

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    Re: TPM wave

    I usually frequent about 6 Wal-marts, 4 Targets, & 2 Tru's and I have yet to see any of the TPM wave or even the new comic packs!

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    Re: TPM wave

    Man the only figures I've seen are a few Clone Wars waves & a WHOLE LOTTA Saga Legends repacks.

    I still need a Concept Anakin from the Ep.II wave.
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