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Thread: OT: Original Art (Non-SW) Limelight and Discussion

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    yay, my personal thread now!

    Anyway, i went to the NJ comic art show this weekend (8 hour drive each way...yay...). Right before i bought something online, and then i picked up something for me at the show as well.

    First I bought a full page splash from Marvel Team Up 58. Its a Sal Buscema and Pablo Marcos Full page splash from 1977. It features Spider-man, Ghost Rider, and one of the very first Marvel Villians ever, Paste-Pot-Pete (who later realized how lame that name was so he changed it to 'the trapster'). Just good stuff, love Sals Pencils and Pablos inks.

    Then when at the show, after some negotiation I landed a superior Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man fight page from issue 311, right in the prime era for his art. Has Spidey in 4 of the 5 panels, including 2 great spidey Images. Scene is full of McFarlane chaos goodness as he fights one of Mysterios fake constructs.

    Was a good 48 hours art wise. Also picked up some Star Wars art recently, ill share that in the SW art post.
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    Havent updated this thread in a while. Here are my acquisitions (personal collection) for 2016

    Submariner 35 page 10 Sal Buscema draws entire Avengers on way to fight (first apperance) the defenders

    Captain America 140 page 3 John Romita Cap fights GG

    Marvel Team-up 4 page 14 Gil Kane, Spidey fights X-men

    FF 159 page 31, end of the medusa in FF era as sue rejoins, Rich Buckler/Sinnott

    Defenders 49 page page 14, Entire team fights each other from that awesome Giffen run

    huzzah....bronze age goodness
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    Here is my latest goodie. It's from Marvel's Dark Tower Gunslinger Born comic series. It is the original cover art to the second printing of issue 3. The pencils are from John Romita Jr.
    Chris Morin
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    As an avid collector of modern and contemporary artwork, I find your collection unique and interesting! Thank you for sharing with us!

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    Had a lot of pick ups since I last posted, Here are some of the highlights.

    Joe Quesada End Page Double Page Splash to Sword of Azrael issue 3. Maybe my favorite comic art of all time.

    Defenders 89 Cover: Mike Nasser (netzer) and Joe Rubinstein. Origin of Hellcat (Patsy Walker from "Alias Jessica Jones" on Netflix) and her relationship with her Mom.

    And this. Its not really comic art exactly, but to the "art" of the comic book this is (to me) as good as it gets. Took me a long time to get this grade.
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    @zhamlau - great stuff. Just made the connection to your posts on the CGC OA sub forums when I saw the Defenders 89 cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finestcomics View Post
    @zhamlau - great stuff. Just made the connection to your posts on the CGC OA sub forums when I saw the Defenders 89 cover.

    Haha, yep. I noticed you were on both as well. I also collect rare Star Wars autographs and film used props. To keep it simple I use the same name on all forums
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    I recently picked up two production used drawings/sketches from Raiders of the Lost Ark. They are attributed to Nilo Rodis Jamero, assistant art director at ILM. They are studies I believe as to how to film the "map" sequence when Dr. Jones starts his journey to Nepal from San Francisco. (you can see the Golden Gate in the background). Being a San Francisco native these pieces mean a lot to me.

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    Great Indy pieces!

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