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the zelda owned my life for like 3 or 4 months. I got the 2 expansions but never played them. the mario was great, but then once i beat it, i didnt bother wanting to go back to be a moon collector. Both of the games are excellent.

The donkey kong came out which is a wii u port. i have the wii u version, so i am holding off on buying it until it goes on sale. the captain toad port comes out next month. that was my all time favorite game on the wii u. its a puzzle game, so much fun. The new one is supposed to have new levels. i was hoping for a captain toad 2, but i will be glad to play the original over again
I did have DK on the Wii U but didn't put much time into it. I bought Captain Toad but never opened it and ended up selling it with my Wii U.

The game I'm most excited about is Metroid Prime 4. Hoping for some news around E3 this year. I know there was a kick starter for a squeal (or spiritual squeal) for Eternal Darkness for the Wii U and PC, I know it's a pipe dream for me but I'd like to see that get made.

Will pick up the new Mario Tennis. And if Nintendo, you are reading this, we need another Advance Wars game.