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Thread: Nintendo News

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    TRU has a product page up. Not taking preorders but you may want to book mark it for 9/29

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    Great news right here for the SNES Classic AND NES Classic:
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    Yes good news indeed. I am hoping the NES re-release will include an extra controller or longer cords, at an extra $10 or so. Whatever the case I will be grabbing a second to keep sealed. I know it sounds silly but I just love the look of it in the packaging.

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    Nice if anyone runs into one Id def need the help on the NES classic. I'll be on Vacation when the SNES goes on sale so hope I can snag one!
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    Saw some shipment info over on another forum

    One Walmart store shows they will be getting 35 units on launch

    Regarding TRU "

    Toys R Us appears to be expecting 30 to 90 units on release day, depending on location. 28,000 units divided by 564 locations in the US gives us the 49-50 average per store.

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    Hope that's true! I just want one! ONE!!
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    Glad to see there will be more units for the SNES. My preorder is still in with Walmart. I would rather find one in store (thrill of the hunt) but after the dilemma of trying to find the NES, I don't mind.

    I'll have to keep a lookout for the NES Classic again. One of my friends really wanted one and was so bummed out with not getting one. One night we went to the closest Walmart and waited there. We kept refreshing Brickseek to see if any new units were on the way. We did this because other Walmarts in the area were getting units the same day. We had no shot of getting one as we were working. I could see the second and third closest Walmarts to me were getting them, so I figured the truck was getting closer. This way, if they did get any shipments we would already be there. Nothing came of it though.

    The day it was released I saw his mother waiting in line at Gamestop. Even though my preorder is in for the SNES, I was actually going to try to wait in line to get a second SNES. Then I would try to do a trade for the NES and give it to my friend. With the re-release, it seems easier (and safer).
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    Even thought I have my preorder at GS, I'm hoping to find one at retail too. If I do, then I'll return the GS bundle, since that same me some money.
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    Walmarts are getting their shipments in. Punch your zip code in Brickseek and you'll see local stock

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