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    I'm not a huge gamer but wanted to get a SNES. If Walmart and Target preorders are sold out, does this mean that the stores won't have any extras available on release day?
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    These are just online orders. Stores will still have units to sell at physical locations. Keep an eye on BrickSeek on release week for specific numbers though.

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    Cool, thanks. Last time with the NES, I missed out at TRU because my closest store didn't have them on the release day and I never did find out when they got their initial shipment in. I ended up getting one at the same TRU months later through sheer luck; I met someone there to sell them some Lego and they happened to get some in that day.

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    So glad my dad is retired, LOL! I called him up to see if he was busy. Had him go to GameStop for me and place my preorder. Had to get a bundle though. It was the $100 one.

    Also, FINALLY, after hours of trying, got an order through using the GS App. That one is for my brother. But that was the $145 bundle.

    What worries me is that my dad gave them my e-mail and shipping address for the in-store order. Of course that is what I used for the GS App order. I hope one doesn't get cancelled.
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    TRU just posted that they will NOT be offering pre-orders. This is a good thing, gives people a better shot but hopefully the stores handle it with a ticketing system for those lining up.

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    Debating those GS bundles. I'm taking that night before off to camp out. I really want one and curse Nintendo for this. Remember the good ole days when you just went and preordered and if they cut alottements you'd just wait until they restocked. Remember when the PS2 came out I preordered well before at a Babbages and then word came they cut the initial shipment. Luckily I was still getting one from that shipment.
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    When is a good time to get to a store for a SNES Classic? I'm off on Fridays so its just a matter of getting out of bed lol. A buddy of mine got the NES the day it came out. He stopped at a market right next to a Gamestop and saw people lining up. He was there about 7am and was 10th in line, they had 11 or 12. I read Toys R Us will have them the 29th, no preorders though.

    The Gamestop near my house is right down the street, a 2 minute drive. Toys R Us is about 15 minutes away.

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    I may camp overnight. Or at least very early in the morning.
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