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Thread: Nintendo News

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    So the seller sent me a message this morning saying that he was shipping it today. About an hour later it was marked as shipped, with a tracking number. ETA is Thursday the 25th.


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    Partying like its 1985. Or '86 cause that's when I was born. Or '88 cause that's when I started playing Nintendo.

    I'm confused.

    A second controller and controller extension were also included.
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    Glad it arrived Gold!

    Best Buy has the wired Insignia controllers for $5.99 in store. Cords are 9 ft long too I believe

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    You get a lot of lag with the long cords FYI.

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    Oh man, that sucks. Glad I didn't grab one then. Wish the official NES ones were easy to come by

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    So I'm really enjoying the NES Classic. I do have the games on the Virtual Console but just having the little system and using an old school Nintendo controller again is an awesome nostalgic feeling. I did, however, get my money back. Apparently the box is going for over 100 bucks on ebay. I put mine on ebay and it sold for $117, and the buyer just paid. I started the auction at 99 cents. I always start my auctions at a low price.

    After all the times I missed out waiting in line, after getting scammed, and after spending more then I should have - I'm so happy to get my money back.

    Edit: So I was thinking right after I posted - because I got scammed before, is there a possibility I can get scammed again? In this case, when he receives the box he can go through paypal, file some sort of claim and get his money back? Would that be a chargeback? I'm not familiar with that. Not saying that will happen but I'm just being cautious and taking the necessary steps to prevent that.
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    Just don't spend that money right away. As long as you state in your auction that it was the BOX ONLY. If they try to screw you over and out a claim in, you can point to your auction listing. They really seem to favor the buyer but stick to your guns, you just might have to wait out a claim period.
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    I hope the buyer for your box knew it was box only. Bet they'll get it and be like where's the system?!?
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    Yup I stated it three times. Once in the title and twice in the description, every time in caps. With me being at work, I had my Dad ship it out this morning with tracking also.

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    I just can't believe there are people will to buy the box! Especially for that much. And there are a lot of NES box only auctions.
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