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Thread: Nintendo News

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    splatoon 2 demo is up on the switch downloads page. you cant play it until next Friday, but you can download it so it can toy with you that you have it and cant play
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    The SWITCH and Zelda BOTW are the **** ! Can't stop playing ! Need a Star Wars game though !

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    I had given up hope of ever finding an NES classic in the wild but found one today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toasterstrudels View Post
    I had given up hope of ever finding an NES classic in the wild but found one today!
    Lucky, I'm still looking. I just read an article today that Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic. Typical move by Nintendo.

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    Stores are supposed to be getting their last shipments this week. Target get them and puts them out immediately and it's best to check Brickseek for your area first. Not sure what GameStop's plan is but Best Buy is supposed to be putting them out on Monday. I'm gonna try to grab one if I come across them.
    SNES mini is rumored to come out this fall.

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    First post in a long time.

    Didn't read any previous posts. What is everyone's opinion on the length of the NES controller cord?

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    Drove by Best Buy on my way into work this morning and the line at 7:30am was already about 20-25 people deep. Oh well.

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    My BB gave out tickets at 7am and let everyone go home.

    Of course a new line started up. I got excited since there wasn't even 20 people when I got there. All of a sudden a girl shows up with a ticket in hand and lets us know they handed them out at 7am. Shortly after an employee comes out and confirms.
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    Yeah that's a wrap on BB but supposedly TRU and Targets are still going to be an option. I will try again if so but not gonna kill myself to get one.

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