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Thread: FCTV - 050109

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    FCTV - 050109

    OMG, PETE!!!1! But he's sick! Oh, noes!! Yes, he's sick and tired of that dratted midwife droid. Don't leave us again, Pete. Stay out of the mountains. And join us for

    Apocalypse Sow
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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Oh Man! I actually forgot about Pete's voice mail. This was classic.

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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Out of curiousity: where would I be able to find his rumor list?

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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Ingenuity and expressiveness!
    Witty, clever, fun, and...

    I think I'll go to the mountains.
    (Back in the Bluegrass state.)

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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    My sides are hurting.

    Extremely funny.

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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Simple, straight-forward and awesome.

    Well done!
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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Thank you everyone. Remember these videos are powered by your love (and Jawa sweat (and steam)).

    How could you forget Pete?!?! (just joking)

    Here's a linky for Linky... LINK

    Don't forget water, cheese food product, and a beard grooming kit. But don't stay too long. We would miss you even more than Pete.

    Try wearing a weight training belt before you watch FCTV. (Flash back to Motti in a "speed strap".)

    Simply, thank you.

    For those that might have missed it in another thread, here is more Jawa goodness from Force-Cast 050109, but NOT in the FCTV.
    <--- click for bigness
    Tallest Jawa
    Junk is the stuff you throw out. Stuff is the junk you keep.
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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    HAHA! Another great video from M&K Enterprises. Loved Pete with the mask and Kyle Newman's single tear. "It's the end of the world as we know it -- and I feel swine." PERFECT!
    Eric Geller

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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Wilhelm explosion on Pete's blackboard.
    A variety of great Zazzle T-shirts (Dylan, Bailey, and Kyle?).
    Jawas at their best.
    Greatness, guys!

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    Re: FCTV - 050109

    Love it! I haven't gotten that far on this week's ForceCast, so it was nice to see the video version first.

    Classic Pete rant!
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