Sguido, please keep us informed on how you are doing, and remember we are here for you to talk with if needed.

On to other items. I haven't heard from Eaglemoss about my Enterprise-E debacle, which is not that surprising. However it turns out that it seems the Enterprise-E was used in place of the Enterprise-B for this set, at least in a number of sets. I have seen two other sets so far that suffered the same thing.

It only says "Starship Enterprise 4 set" on the box so I get the feeling that is what their "out" is for not having the Enterprise-B in the set. Even though the magazine included covers the first 4 Enterprises (NX-, and the first 3 ship set covered C-E.

So probably another shining example of Eaglemoss QC.

However Sguido's situation really put it in perspective and I am not really concerned about it anymore.