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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    I'm a bit late getting these pics up so apologies for that but here's my last 4 happenings from EM

    USS Titan

    Borg Queen Ship

    Cheyanne Class

    USS Aventine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Duranium View Post
    Alas, the VOY and DS9 projects are very unlikely: TNG had an underwhelming response, apparently, so CBS put the kibosh on 'em.
    I remember, and that was my little in-joke, as I doubt they would do such a fundamental project as revising virtually every scene in every episode before that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Duranium View Post
    New pics from Diamond, a day late:

    And a few shots of the final paint on the shuttles. Argo's lighter but still gold/bronze.

    Volume 3:

    Just got the Jenolan, love it! Smuggler's ship's up at NA shops next week.
    Seriously, I hardly believed that the Curry would literally come, and still won't until I see it in the local comic shop, or my mailbox.

    Have to say, while it's a foregone conclusion I will possess it, I have to say the blue trim at that scale seems to make it seem smaller. Perhaps that's accentuated to address the scale issues with the various elements of the kitbashed ship? I find that it makes the primary hull seem smaller than even the one on the Centaur.

    And the GITD Defiant? I may get two! Any word on how long it will hold its "charge"? I figure I can have one in the closet and peek in on it.

    Lastly, with SC set #3, is there any word on misprint issues? I am a little gunshy now about buying them when first solicited considering the errors before.

    Incidentally, is it now official that EM will NOT ever replace the "ENTEPRISE" Type 7s? I know they did for the "NCC-1071-D" Type 15s, and it seems this is the case. Really, if that "eat it" response stands, it almost makes me want to skip set any subsequent sets.

    Not that I think I could hold out long on that Workbee, though.

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    gosh, that Cheyenne class works quite well somehow. Even if it dosen't have a deflector. The Curry though...come on, eaglemoss lol.

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    Yeah love the Cheyenne! Happy to miss the Curry though.

    The Titan model looks great, but the design itself... I was kinda warming to it, but those pics just underscore how incredibly derivative it is.
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    I'm surprised it got produced as a bonus, it's a bit meh. Was it produced due to fan pressure ?
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    The photos do show a lack of detail in the paint app. I think it's a great mold, in a great color. It just needs more detailed touches of color.

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    As an looks a bit like a pewter Franklin/Bradbury Mint replica.

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