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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    My mistake. That thought didn't occur to me until I was already halfway through typing my reply, but you were already way ahead of me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Duranium View Post

    They all look nice, and I'm tempted by that Captain Proton ship.

    The Phoenix looks a bit off though. The interchangeable pod at the back looks kinda flat, when on the original model when viewed from the side was more of an ellipse:

    A little surprised they missed it when they're going out of the way to make this as a specific variant.
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    They all look great!! The Phase 2erprise looks like an awesome, and believable, intermediate step between the TOSerprise and Refiterprise. Who is to say the Ent didn't undergo two refits?

    Gotta say, that design for Discovery still just does absolutely nothing for me, it really is horrendous.

    The possibility of re-doing DS9 effects shots is highly problematic, but it would give so much scope for variety - as you guys say, lets say replace the idiotic DS9 kitbashes with the BoBW kitbashes, and I'd be very excited. Would still love to see a certain Sovereign-class ship make a cameo in a battle as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendStrone View Post
    Hmmm, thinking tactically, we'd better pull the plug on EM now, before they model all those ugly DS9 kit-bashes! Then whoever was recreating the VFX shots would have to use other ship classes like the Cheyenne and New Orleans.
    Which reminds me of the lost opportunity with TNG's Cause and Effect to change the Soyuz back to a Connie. Really, a non-starter due to dialogue and that the scene used models instead of CGI, but it always bugs me that we coulda/shoulda had a Connie onscreen in TNG (other than Wolf 359, of course). Would be nice to rectify any similar issues in DS9 though. Maybe a nice redo on the Antares-Type Miranda Class?

    Love the recent pix guys. Some great models.

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    The Captain Proton ship (which I love) makes me wish someone would tackle some classic retro designs such as Flash Gordon ships and saucers from the 50s
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    I guess we can forget about the Son'a and Jem'Hadar battleships at this point then, if the Phase II Ents and STD ships are springing up instead...

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    They featured too prominently, I thought, to NOT do them. Of course, we know they always have to hold something back to maintain interest. I guess, on the alien side, these are good ones.

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    The Discovery ships are their own distinct line,so they won't affect the choices for the main line. In the regular EM line, they have always maintained a mix of Starfleet and alien ships, so I expect that to continue. Given how many Starfleet vessels they have done now, it makes sense that they are digging pretty deep for fresh choices now. Still plenty of more well known alien ships to choose from, though. I wouldn't rule out the Son'a or Jem'Hadar just yet.

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