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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    The new Discovery trailer is here!

    Netflix trailer for International viewers (doesn't work inside USA) ...

    CBS US Trailer (doesn't work outside USA) ...

    Loads of Starshippie awesomeness. Klingons starships aplenty, of all shapes and sizes! Looks like the Shenzou takes a heck of a beating, as predicted. There's also some snazzy Discovery imagery (she is a handsome ship in profile), and a close-up of the USS Europa having a rather bad day.

    Ben Robinson must have been rubbing his palms together in glee when he first got a look at all the new designs coming our of this show.

    I love what I am seeing. The production value of this show is simply staggering. This is like a motion picture trailer. We really are living in a golden age of long format television.

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    Just saw this as well - oh my!!!

    Looks fantastic!!! As you mentioned Rev, lotsa statships - and great to see the USS Discovery (even if just from the side).

    Cannot wait for Sept 25!

    Great seeing Captain Lorca in action also!

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    PS - big thanks for posting those links Rev!

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    Thank you Rev
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Discovery looks like another JJVerse "Grimdark" gritty ****** reboot. Not interested.

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    Looks like it has some promise to me, I mean the Starfleet ships, clothes etc look somewhat familiar while being new but...the Klingon stuff? It's so unrecognisable. Where are the D-7 battlecruisers, the batleths, the TOS era Klingon uniforms? Looking at those pics the level of detail that's gone into the new Klingon stuff is insane, it's just...why the dramatic change to them? Wouldn't it be better if they looked more familiar?

    Can't tell if these is supposed to be another reboot or not, but these just...aren't my Klingons somehow. I'll still check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imrahil2001 View Post
    Discovery looks like another JJVerse "Grimdark" gritty ****** reboot. Not interested.
    Luckily DS9, Voyager and Enterprise were never 'grimdark' or gritty.

    Joking aside, I get where you are coming from, but I think it's worth giving it a shot before being so swift to write it off. What we are seeing is the opening material of a new long format story, and what do storytellers do in those first scenes? They set up the threat. That means creating tension, danger and lots of action to try to hook the audience. It makes sense that the tone would be all of the thing you describe, given that context, but it must also be borne in mind that this is just the set up. It's the 'Oh crap,' we're in trouble now, stuff. The true tone of the story will unfold as we go forward.

    I'm leery of some of the changes (Klingons, mainly), but there's plenty here that seems very promising to me.

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    Whoops, I missed this one. Forgive the post spamming. The Orville had a new trailer this weekend as well. Looks like fun to me!

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    I'll give it a shot certainly (well I would if I could - I don't have Netflix, so...) but I'm certainly wary. I need more info, particularly what universe it's set in, and I have to admit the Klingons bother me. BUT I'm intrigued by what's going on in the Klingon Empire, why it's in chaos, what is happening geopolitically etc.
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    Don't click if you don't want potential spoilers! TrekCore has a breakdown of the trailer and what order the events depicted might take place.
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